Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sterling Silver Filigree Moon Pearl
and Rose Quartz Necklace
Northern Thailand’s capital city, Sukhothai, is a UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage site that houses magnificent 13th century ruins.

They can be explored by cycling through various structures.  Thailand is also home to featured jewelry designer Srimuang.

Srimuang’s delicate gemstone bracelet Quiet Sigh, composed of a simple sterling silver chain, white freshwater pearls and rose quartz, exemplifies the designer’s beautifully understated sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. 

Jewelry making has always been a hobby for the 28-year-old, who is based in Chiang Mai.   Although the self-described “sensitive girl” majored in management and business administration she would make lovely baubles for her friends’ birthday.  Needless to say, her designs were a big hit.

“They all looked forward to receiving something original,” she recalls.  “Everyone liked them so much I began to offer my designs for sale.  My aunt lives in Chiang Mai and she is in the jewelry industry.  She has been very kind to me.

I moved to Chiang Mai to stay with her so that I could study in a good school.  While living with my aunt I learned all about jewelry.  This inspired me and now I love to create my own designs.”

Sterling Silver Blue Night Beaded Bracelet
with Lapis Lazuli and Quartz
While classic in tone, Srimuang excels at keeping pared down outlines from becoming stagnant.  Her selection of semi-precious gemstones evokes colors found in nature: rich, black soil; the color of eggshells; the density of foliage; or the ripe red of cranberries.

The lush royal blue color of lapis lazuli highlighted in her dangle earrings Filigree Sky is the design.  The color is so dynamic it is like looking at a velvety dusk sky. 

Likewise the hushed pink tones of rose quartz of her Filigree Moon Necklace is reminiscent of a delicate rose petal.  Her implementation of subtle accents of sterling silver filigree is a nice intricate offset to minimalist outlines.

It is apparent that Srimuang pays close attention to nature’s details.  She recognizes that nothing within nature is stagnant.  She takes in shapes, colors and textures creating designs that emulate a combination of these elements.
Sterling Silver Cloud Twist
Pearl Hoop Earrings
“I enjoy working in the garden where the air is fresh and where I can relax and come up with new ideas for my jewelry. 

My parents are happy and proud of me.  I am so grateful that my aunt introduced me to jewelry and I am thankful for the Novica shoppers for helping me to continue in the work I love.”
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