Monday, February 20, 2012


Sterling Silver Floral Round Charm
Bracelet with Opal Gemstones
The city of Lima, located in Peru, is a study of contrasts as colonial mansions, modern skyscrapers, shanty towns and ancient Incan ruins are each a part of its landscape.  Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Fermin Vilcapoma.

What I keep discovering again and again with classic jewelry designs is the intrigue of subtlety.  The way a design grabs you on both a subliminal and visual level. 

Your eye traces soft curvatures in metal outlines, gentle hues of a smooth cut gemstone or a textured, ridged surface.  It is the combination of all of these little details that moves you.

The graceful forms and lush color of Vilcapoma’s minimalist sterling silver jewelry is a good example of the power and magnetism of understatement.  The offspring of jewelry makers, Vilcapoma was very clear on what his vocation would be.

“I saw no point in going to university,” admits the designer.  “I use to go to high school in the morning but I was always daydreaming about creating new designs.  Jewelry has been all I ever wanted to do.”

The Andean highlands of fields and lipid waterways, the glow of the moon, bay windows and coffee tree branches all inform Vilcapoma’s design approach.  Sleek silver link bracelets, gemstone pendants, and pretty silver rings are alternately chic and modern. 

Sterling Silver Wise Star Wrap
Ring with Sodalite
His Cool Sun Pendant Necklace with chrysocolla and amazonite is a lovely sunburst pattern that is reminiscent of vintage jewelry. 

What I particularly like is the undeniable delicacy and femininity of his beautiful Floral Round Charm Bracelet.

“My designs are inspired by everything I see around me; by the beauty of gems and by our ancestors’ jewelry. I enjoy the creative part most. I love to design.”
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