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Anodized Aluminum and Sterling Silver
Made in the Middle Necklace
St. Paul’s Cathedral is among one of London, England’s most famous cathedrals.  

The 18th century structure houses the world’s third largest pipe organ, and it also served as the backdrop for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.  

England is also home to featured jewelry designer John Moore.

I have come to expect interesting and daring concepts from contemporary jewelry artists.  After all they staunchly take the position that essentially says 18-karat gold and expertly faceted white diamonds are overrated.  I must say gall like that merits standing up and taking notice.

A graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University, Moore’s material of choice, anodized aluminum, is the same as fellow Brit Jane Adam, Yuri Kawanabe (Japan) and Yu Lan Burkmar (Taiwan).  Though ultimately each designer’s aesthetic runs the gamut of the classic to the theatrical at the heart of each of their collections is a desire to explore new processes for creating wearable art.

His contemporary jewelry collection, Elytra, blurs the line between high-fashion and art jewelry.  Many items resemble multi-colored, slender pine cones and sometimes the flared petals of a daisy. 

Anodized Aluminum and Sterling Silver
Rust Earrings
Working with pre-anodized aluminum sheets Moore’s necklaces, earrings, and bangle and cuff bracelets consist of petal-like, dyed aluminum that are linked to form sinuous outlines of colors that fade out of one shade into a new, complementary shade.  The resulting pieces are subtle yet bold; a grand display of innovation and grace.

“I am inspired by ancient artifacts, forms in nature and the manipulation of materials,” says the award-winning artist.  “I am more concerned with material, form, color and movement than jewels themselves and how these elements can be combined to create objects that are wearable.  I am interested in the tactile qualities of the material itself as well as issues of value and preciousness.

The Elytra Collection is an exploration of color and repetition of shape based on beetle wings to create bold, organic forms.  Movement, noise and smoothly blended colors stimulate the senses and beg the wearer to play," says Moore.

"The Vane Collection is a continuation from Elytra in its use of repetition, rhythm, and color.  I create the form differently by threading aluminum discs onto a flexible cord.  Silver colored edges suggest a solid form; however, the negative spaces in between the discs expose bright colors that catch the light as they disappear out of view.” 
Anodized Aluminum and Sterling Silver
Tassel Bangle Bracelets
Moore’s versatile jewelry items (they are reversible) have been displayed in the UK’s Dazzle Exhibitions; and in 2008 the British Jewellers Association awarded his Vane Collection first prize in the Kayman Award category.
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