Thursday, February 16, 2012


Gold Toned Stainless Steel Star
Hoop Earrings with White Swarovski Crystals
Denmark’s chalk laden cliffs, Mons Klint, stand out amidst the greenery of marshes and woodlands.

The powdery white of shell remnants is offset by a picturesque lighthouse.  Denmark is also home to featured jewelry design team Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern.

Okay, here is the breakdown: classic jewelry can take on different personalities.  It can be almost transient in its subtlety; it can be quietly feminine; and it can be chic and sophisticated. 

Dyrberg and Kern’s jewelry brand, Dyrberg-Kern, is a stylish fashion jewelry label that—based on their online gallery—adheres to the popular classic trend of timeless outlines. 

Their affordable collection of sleek circle necklaces, crystal encrusted star and heart pendant necklaces, tennis bracelets, and hoop earrings is made with a combination of stainless steel plated brass, Crystallized Swarovski Elements, semi-precious gemstones and leather.

In my opinion the crisp elegance of their designs rivals the look of any expensive, high-end brand.  Dyrberg-Kern is a fine example of an affordable jewelry line that excels at this high gloss, pared down aesthetic.

“Henning and I met twenty-six years ago,” says Gitte Dyrberg.  “He and I realized we had a mutual passion for design.  Our design team combines the Scandinavian design tradition and international fashion moods.  We want our jewelry designs to reflect personality, innovation and quality.

Crow Bird Claw Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

We add aluminum to brass to make it stronger and corrosion resistant.  The brass is nickel and lead free.  Our production team uses ion plating to plate the brass because the process is more stable than wet plating.”

Their recent collections as well as their older ones (Starlight, Hollywood, Cameo and Joker) hit all the right style notes.  Silhouettes are clean and for the most part embellishments are kept to a minimum.  Sometimes there is a surprise or two like their respective Hook and Claw pendant necklaces.  These items demurely push a moodier vibe.

The brand’s snazzy leather wrap bracelets in black, sand, and brown are a more refined version of this otherwise laid back design.  In my opinion, leather is such a commanding fabric that seems to always have an air of aggression. 

The way these bracelets are styled where a single brass or stainless steel stud complements the hue of the leather makes what could easily be heavy-handed striking in its clear-cut beauty.  It is understated but with the right amount of gloss and twinkle.

Gold Toned Brass Stacey Ring with
White Swarovski Crystals
“A lot of the time and thought goes into our designs.  We make decisions about themes and colors before we send designs to our production team. 

All products are created by hand and undergo many different processes: from casting, polishing, to cutting and hand braiding leather.  Once it meets the eye of a prospective wearer we hope love takes over,” says Dyrberg.

Sleek eyewear and designer watches complete Dyrberg-Kern’s sophisticated inventory. The brand is sold in over 40 countries in more than 2,000 retailers. 
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