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18-Karat Gold-Dipped Sterling Silver Daisy Earrings
with Gemstone Beads
The city of Hobart, located in the Australian state of Tasmania, is an area of stunning natural wonders that include Mount Wellington and the sun swept beauty of beaches.  

Australia-Tasmania is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Faith Tavender.

Some jewelers like Dana Lorenz (USA) of Fenton-Fallon have a predilection for jewelry designs chock full of texture, color and shape while others like Sadie Wang (Korea) love purity of form.

With the latter type of designer in mind, I think it is fair to say that some artisans are not trying to do anything groundbreaking or statement making they simply just want to make jewelry women feel comfortable wearing.  Nothing wrong with that.

London-based Tavender creates understated designer jewelry in sterling silver and 18- and 22-karat gold plating along with pops of colorful semi-precious gemstone beadsthat exemplify this easygoing, classic design approach.

Holding a bachelor’s degree from London Guildhall University in jewelry and silversmithing Tavender has been creating jewelry for seventeen years.  Creating both men’s and women’s jewelry collections, her low-key design style is breezy with floral charms, orbitals, and the deceptive intricacy of helices.

Sterling, Oxidized Silver and 18-Karat Gold
Plated Helix Rings

Her Helix Collection has a nice tactile appeal as sterling silver or 18-karat gold plated conical forms encase a solid gold or silver core.  In some cases Tavender implements polished sterling silver helices over an oxidized core of sterling silver.

Her elegant Orbit Pendant Necklaces are another reminder of just how beautiful simplicity can be.  The design is a gold or silver wire wrapped and soldered around an oval charm that is then suspended from a sterling silver or gold chain.  Beautiful.

“My childhood in Tasmania, my love of ancient Greek jewelry, museum artifacts and my grandmother’s Victorian jewelry each inspire my collections. 

I like to explore highly decorative floral charms with beads and gemstones like peridot, smoky quartz and tourmaline.  I also love exploring the textural qualities of silver and gold.  My jewelry is flexible; it can be worn with casual clothes or for a special occasion.”
Sterling Silver and 22-Karat Gold Plated
Orbit Pendant Necklace

Tavender has exhibited her sterling silver jewelry
collections in France, Australia, Japan, England and the United States. 

Her pared down jewels have appeared in such magazines as Marie Claire, GQ and Arena.

For more on her classically styled jewelry, selected items from Tavender’s collections are available to buy online at Not on the High-street.
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