Monday, February 17, 2014


14K Pink Gold Pendant Necklace
with Tahitian Keishi Pearl & Pink Sapphire
Cape Breton Island, located in Nova Scotia, Canada, holds within it one of the area’s most talked about Cabot Trail.  

The 185 mile highway dips and winds through the island’s most beautiful scenery.  Canada is also home to featured jewelry designer Pierre-Yves Paquette.

Regardless of the style jewelry making is all about artistry.  However, in my opinion, some classic jewelry styles, like initial pendants, don’t really offer a visual example of that artistry.  

For me items such as these seem more about commerce and the “in” thing than an expression of craftsmanship.

Paquette veers decidedly outside the realm of convention.  Time-honored techniques that include keum-boo and mokume-gane provides his fine jewelry collections of 18-karat gold with exquisite, distinctive artistry.  Every design from drop earrings with gray Tahitian pearls to link bracelets is wonderfully minimal without stagnancy.

18K Yellow Gold Ring with Tahitian
Pearl and Orange Sapphires 
 A finalist of France’s 2000 International Competition for Young Fashion Designers, Paquette has always been inhabited by a restless creative energy.

“I am the type of person who likes movement and hates monotony and repetition.  I take great pleasure in designing and creating all types of objects.  I constantly search for innovative and unconventional techniques. 

I am deeply inspired by the nobility of precious metals.  Stark, modern architecture, with its strong lines, influence my work.  

I take aspects of modern architecture and contemporary art to produce a line of jewelry that is pure and simple yet marked with complexity.”

18K Yellow and Grey Gold Bracelet with Orange
Sapphires and Mokume-Gane Detail
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertInnovative minimalist design is a key trend this year, and Paquette has that covered.  

Paquette’s use of gray Tahitian pearls and 18-karat gray gold highlights the year’s muted color theme.
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