Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Model Wears Sterling Silver Pendants & Rings
from Welcome Instinct Collection (left); and
Sterling Silver Fox Ring (right)
A collection of Spanish Islands off the northwestern coast of Africa boasts “white sandy beaches,” volcanic
landscapes and water attractions.

Known collectively as the Canary Islands, the exotic locales are a must-see for anyone who loves spectacular scenery and outdoor activities.  

Spain is also home to featured jewelry designer Glenda Lopez.

When it comes to women’s jewelry, do the designs always need to reflect a sugar and spice vibe?  Or can women’s jewelry reflect broader characteristics? 

Lopez’ straightforward handmade jewelry creations of sterling silver and 18-karat gold are thematically complex in their otherwise clean-cut outlines.  The long sterling silver chains; skeletal hands and pentagonal forms from her Strange Magic collection are ominous,almost Goth.

While the animal totems from her Welcome Instinct collection are playful, earthy and earnest all at once.  The collection is an amalgamation of the glam and not-so-glam beasts of the wild. 

Their detailed forms are reminders of not only the crude beauty of the natural world; but that many cultures view animals as messengers of spiritual enlightenment.  The eerie form of the bat is a symbol of rebirth; and the limber monkey a symbol of community and honor.

“I started making jewelry at age thirteen.  I studied Design and Product Development of Jewelry in South America eleven years ago.  

I also studied at the School of Art and Design in Valencia before creating my studio workshop four years ago,” says the Valencia-based jeweler.

“I try to show little stories about concepts, nature, death, magic or animals used in ancient cultures to perfect themselves.  I try to create something that is fun, ironic or mystical.”

But there has been a downside to Lopez’ journey into the business: “It has been a real challenge to be a woman in this masculine industry.  Certain types of men in the industry think they are superior, and I think that is a real problem.  It is a problem that many young people are not being supported.

However, I knew I wanted to be a designer.  I have always loved art.  I look for something to inspire me.  I am in constant evolution.  I learn everyday and I try to improve each day.  I suppose that is good to have in this job.” 

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertLopez’ clear-cut style belies intricate surface details, as well as underlying themes of mysticism and spiritualism all of which are on trend for the year.
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