Tuesday, February 4, 2014


22K Gold Plated Chandrika Earrings
with Pearls, Turquoise and Gold Balls
India is renowned for its plethora of Jain faith temples.  Depending on their location—Uttar Pradesh, Jharkkhand or Hastinapur—the temples are alternately ornate, exotic or conservative in their architecture.  

India is also home to featured jewelry designerAsha Kamal Modi.

Even designer jewelry as stunning as Modi’s can run into cynics and critics.  When the jewelry artist launched her international brand, ArtKarat, twenty-six years ago she was met with opposition. 

Modi implemented sterling silver, not gold, into her initial designs.  “In India the problem is the belief that jewelry can only be gold and diamonds.  Silver had so much potential but people could not see that,” recalls the seasoned gemologist.

Devoted to her creative vision, Modi persevered to become one of India’s most celebrated jewelry designers.  Her statement and bridal costume jewelry are breathtaking visuals of floral-like patterns; commanding medallion pendants; chandelier earrings; and loads of cascading semi-precious gemstones.

Modi’s streamlined creations are no less eye-catching.  Simple strands of gold beads and pearls; exotic drop gemstone earrings; and sleek, crystal encrusted bangle bracelets hold exquisite grandeur.

22K Gold Plated Pariyat Bangle Bracelet
 Her elaborately detailed handcrafted designs are inspired by traditional kundan and Rajasthan styles; and produced by over 600 craftsmen.  Remaining true to her initial vision sterling silver is plated with lush 22-karat yellow or white gold; and a combination of precious and semi-precious gemstones and zircon crystals provide glittery accents.

The visual language is so powerful yet so completely feminine; resolutely traditional yet completely modern.  Price points for Modi’s designs aren’t bad either. There is something for every budget.  Presently, her sublime Jannat Earrings go for $25, while her showstopper Chilman Necklace is $2,950.

“I believe my designs will blend majestically with whatever a woman wears.  In India semi-precious jewelry is not available so I opened this niche for myself.

I have always loved jewelry and I draw inspiration from Khajuraho temples as well as Mughal art.  I wanted to do away with conventional, pass√© styles and emerge with a distinct line of jewelry.”
22K Gold Plated Maymana Necklace
with Pearls and Gold Balls

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertModi’s magnificent jewelry collections enlist heavy gold and an ornamental style reminiscent of the Byzantines.  Stunning chandelier earrings round out the styles on trend this year.
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