Saturday, February 22, 2014


Resin Bangle with Oxidized Crystal Rose
Buttons Set Over Gunmetal Leaf
You could say the streets of York, located in England, lead one back into history.

“Built by Roman conquerors” the city is famous for its numerous connected passageways that allow visitors to see many fascinating attractions including the renowned York Minster cathedral.

England is also home to featured jewelry designer Nicholas King.

I am one of those people who is fascinated with objects encased in clear, hard substances.  Don’t ask me why.  I just am. 

So of course I love that a number of jewelers like British designers Sue Gregor and Gail Klevan encase objects like leaves and colored foil inside clear acrylic pendants, rings and cuff bracelets.

In a similar fashion, former clothing designer King plays with color and textures in his signature line of embedded resin cuff bracelets.  Each bangle has a distinct personality.  They shift and fluctuate with striking hues and vivid surface details.   

Classic glamour, rock-and-roll panache or a tad of vintage flair will be found all rolled in one cuff or singly.  One resin cuff accented with gold studs is full-on sleek sophistication; while a red glitter embedded cuff punctuated by gold spikes screams hell raiser!

The London-based designer relishes scouring the “antique fairs and markets of Hong Kong or Bangkok” to find the perfect accents to his designs.  Distressed gold studs, gunmetal and gold leaf, and glitzy fabric lend to the jewelry’s eye-catching visuals.
“I think anything that has a bit of sparkle works for me.  If you are going to do a resin cuff, you have to make it special,” he says. 

“So I add crystals, metals and colored fabric.  I actually started out taking a piece of tartan fabric and setting it in resin.  The resin helps to create optical illusions and distorts the materials inside it.

King’s five-year-old handmade jewelry brand has garnered plenty of attention.  Luxury retailer extraordinaire Harrods is one of several retailers selling his distinctive line of embedded resin designs; and British singer Cheryl Cole is a famous collector of King’s wares.

“I get so much inspiration traveling around Asia hunting for new materials.  I will look for materials based on a trend direction or what will work for a season.  I want my jewelry to be relevant for a long time.”

Resin Bangle with Green and Grey
Leopard Print
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertTo one degree or another intense color like vivid orange, bright greens and red is central to King’s aesthetic.  

Diamante crystal accents and punk themes also play a role in his eclectic style which is on trend for the year.
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