Monday, February 10, 2014


Trixie Turquoise Points Necklace with
White and Lemon Crystals & Gold-Filled Cable Chain
The 18th century Fortress of Louisbourg, located in Canada’s Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is a “nostalgic”
site ripe with history. 

Initially built “to support the fishing industry,” the structure’s attractions presently educate visitors of Canada’s past.  Canada is also home to featured jewelry designer Isobel Walker.

Although there are certain style standards in the jewelry industry beauty is not one-size fits all.  

I like when jewelry is a bit asymmetrical or imperfect.  To me this kind of beauty is more true to life. 

Canadian jewelers like Karyn Chopik and Cathy Sutton adhere to a wonderful naturalistic design approach.  Though metals are mixed and forms are irregular there is no shortage of unique, fashionable beauty.  

Walker’s ten-year-old brand, frAsh, not only keeps in line with this rustic style, it is also produced with refurbished materials.

The brand’s chic and statement making style is informed by Walker’s independent spirit.  The collections highlighted on her official website embrace provocative overtones of the primal and runway ready. 

For her Turquoise Collection she blends turquoise spikes with lemon quartz spheres for an untamed, tribal vibe.  The Horn Collection, in which she repurposes organic buffalo horn, is a strong yet classic visual. 

Harriet Earrings with Water Buffalo Horn & 1970s Vintage
Raw Brass Double Polo Chain Fringe
 Dusk colored horn is carved into flat chain links and suspended from gold-filled curb chains to produce necklaces of varying lengths.  Horn bangle bracelets are hand-dusted with 18K gold and sealed with gloss.  Sleek gold-filled chains suspend the striking Hunter Horn Collar necklace.

Her Mixed Metal Collection is a mixture of futuristic haute where 70s raw brass tubes are upcycled into pendant necklaces; and hand-wrapped sterling silver chips accent gold-filled bangle bracelets.  

The brand’s down-to-earth glow is a nice contrast to the ├╝ber refinement of high-end brands.  And Walker wants to keep it that way thank you very much.

“I grew up in an environment where finding your own identify was a must.  Growing up I was always different and that was nurtured in my family,” recalls the 30-year-old mom. 

“I was a student at the time I started making jewelry and the only components I could afford were vintage pieces.  This is where the brand name, frAsh, came from—a fresh take on someone else’s trash.

All my jewelry has a type of juxtaposition; raw and finished, masculine and feminine, ultra femme and rock-and-roll.  I have always looked at fashion as a form of self-expression; harmless and disposable self-expression.  That is why I love it!”

Solid Brass Mae Cuff Bracelet 
with Black Swarovski Crystals
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertTurquoise gemstones and tribal necklaces are a big part of Walker’s earthy aesthetic, and are also big trends for the New Year.
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