Thursday, December 16, 2010


Israel’s ancient city of Caesarea, once the location for gladiator games and the home of Herod the Great, is now a cosmopolitan location of industrial parks, museums, universities, and hotels. Israel is also the home base for brand Noritamy Jewelry.

In Western society, Israeli bijouterie is most often characterized by Hamsa jewelry, evil eye pendants, or a Star of David necklace.

However, the work of such Israeli jewelry designers as Dori Csengeri, Michal Negrin, and Ayala Bar highlight the complex color patterns of tapestries with the use of vividly colored gemstone and crystal beads.

Their vivid aesthetic is sharply contrasted by the minimalist creations of Israeli jewelers Maya Offer and Tamir Zuman. Nonetheless each designer brings his or her own unique approach to their work exploring texture, form and color in varying ways.

Noritamy Jewelry's mother-daughter team of Tammar Edelman and Elinor Avni bring respective backgrounds in art and sculpture, and interior design to their highly modern jewelry.

Though gold, sterling silver and brass comprise many of their designs the monochromatic hues of black silicon, polymer and graphite play sizeable roles making the designer jewelry more chic sophistication than razzle-dazzle.

With a design approach firmly based in clean lineation irregular geometric forms and architectural lines are central.

Cuff bracelets are futuristic and contemporary in their smooth yet fragmented cube-like structures; the brand’s signature black polymer rings are almost like furnishings in their thick, chunky outlines; and their necklace designs of sterling silver and gold seem inspired by origami in their sharp twists and folds.

Though not ultra-glam, this is a very haute take on classic jewelry that definitely evokes images of the solemn, stern faces of runway models.

"I am influenced by graphic design and architecture and I see jewelry pieces as a collection of lines,” says Avni.

“I think about the space around the piece or between the elements that comprise it. The fastest selling items are actually the larger, unique ones but the essence of our jewelry is clean and geometric; simple on the one hand yet sophisticated on the other.”
Photo 1 (top right): Bangle Bracelets from Nail Collection
Photo 2 (center): Black Polymer Ring
Photo 3 (bottom left): Earrings from Nails Collection
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