Tuesday, December 7, 2010


At over two hundred years old, Jaipur, India’s Hawa Mahal Palace is still a stunning architectural triumph with its exterior of pink and crimson sandstone, and white lime. India is also to featured jewelry designer Kalyani Gupta.

Inspiration in relation to jewelry design is about taking something like a flower or rolling waves and making a separate creation that holds the essence of the sea or the semblance of a rose.

Gupta’s delicate designer jewelry is an exploration of varied colors, textures and sizes of an array of gemstones. Its understated outines belie moods of passion with the deep shades of carnelian and garnet while lemon and rose quartz adds an ethereal quality.

Gupta’s love of jewelry began in childhood as she absorbed the sights of Kolkata, and Delhi admiring the traditional garb of the local women.

“As a child, I was fascinated by the beautiful jewelry and colorful saris that Indian women wear, and I would always fantasize about designing jewels,” she says.

“I learned jewelry design on my own without taking any training courses. Noone from my famly was involved in the jewelry arts, so getting into the craft world was not easy,” she confesses.

Inspired by different cultural aesthetics, Gupta builds feminine, elegant gemstone necklaces, gemstone bracelets, and gemstone earrings. She combines the soft pink hues of rose quartz witht the deep lilac tones of amethyst; orange pops of carnelian with cherry red jasper; and the sleek, metallic sheen of hematite with etched silver beads.

Gupta explores the personalities of each stone seeing how each can be arranged to embody a source of inspiration. Included in her collections is the very modern Ice Cube Bracelet with its muted tones of grey cubic hematite.

There is the refined yet striking interpretation of the vibrant colors of freshly sprouting foliage in her green aventurine and black onyx Breath of Life Strand Necklace; the subtle regal flair of her Aura of Purity Pearl Necklace; and the smooth semblance of honey with her tiger’s eye Long Honey Necklace.

“Designing for me is an art that cannot be taught; it is something that lives within me. I work with a team of talented artisans and we create designs that blend India’s traditional jewelry aesthetic with a modern touch.”
Photo 1 (top right): Aura of Purity Pearl Waterfall Necklace
Photo 2 (center): Quartz and Hematite Sunshine Dangle Earrings
Photo 3 (bottom left): Sodalite and Quartz Sumptuous Blue Beaded Bracelet
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