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Located on the French peninsula of Corsica, the beautiful city of Bonifacio contains Mediterranean and 9th century architecture as well as limestone cliffs and gorgeous beaches. France is also home to jewelry designer Diane de Navacelle.

A seasoned goldsmith and graduate of New York’s Parsons The New School of Design, de Navacelle’s streamlined, minimalist aesthetic of gemstone pendants is nicely contrasted with a sly sense for fun and spontaneity in her Five Senses Collection.

The collection is an intriguing exercise of sublimation in which 18-karat white and yellow gold semblances of bells, pomegranate, and mink are linked to “sound, smell, and touch.”

Among the items featured in de Navacelle’s Exhilarating Pomegranate sub-collection is a lovely 18-karat gold ring holding a setting of what resembles a diminutive bouquet of white and red gemstone beads.

The earrings and pendants from this sub-collection feature a golden cross-section of a pomegranate fruit stuffed with a raw, red gemstone with flowing accents of white and red gemstone beads gently dangling from beneath the cross-section.

Items from the Mink Shiver sub-collection incorporate what appears to be authentic mink fur within gold earrings, rings, and pendants. Her Living Nature Collection pays homage to leaves, citrus fruits, frogs, dragonflies, and the coffee bean.

Here, as in her Five Senses Collection, de Navacelle blends refined and whimsical elements cultivating jewelry that is sleek and elegant. One of my favorite pieces is her coffee bean lariat necklace. It is a really great blend of chic and quirkiness as the length of the gold chains reveal dainty gold drops in the form of a coffee bean.
In addition to her classically designed collections, de Navacelle also creates custom and wedding jewelry.

“I take advantage of a personalized dialogue in order to design an original creation to match each person’s particular wishes and sensitivity.

Custom jewelry, engagement rings, cufflinks, and wedding rings should always be an extension of the wearer; it should be the true reflection of a personality.”
Photo 1 (top right): 18-Karat Gold Coffee Bean Lariat Necklace
Photo 2 (center): 18-Karat Gold Mink Ring
Photo 3 (bottom left): 18-Karat Gold Pomegranate Earrings
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