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Many colonial towns still exist in Mexico, and the 16th century town of San Miguel de Allende is among them.

With a newly restored mural by American artist Eleanor Coen, as well as the town’s prestigious film festival, it has become a popular location for Mexican, Canadian, and American tourists. Mexico is also the home of featured jewelry designer Erick Gomez.

Born and raised in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, Gomez is directly connected to the longstanding tradition of jewelry making in this region.

While the city of Taxco is often mentioned in the reserach material I have read on Mexican silver jewelry, Oaxaca was also a prominent location for jewelry making.

At the time of Spain’s conquest of Mexico, the Spaniards passed on their expertise in manipulating gold and sterling silver into jewelry through metalsmithing. One such technique passed on to Mexican artisans was the painstaking yet beautiful openwork renderings of filigree.

Based on the items featured on his Novica page, Gomez’ stunning jewelry is composed of sterling silver with minimal gemstones.

The grand legacy of Oaxaca’s jewelry history is not something Gomez takes lightly. “I specialize in filigree jewelry and I started making it when I was 12 years old since my family has been dedicated to this craft for generations.

Practically everybody in my family is dedicated to jewelry making. Our aim is to preserve and promote the jewelry tradition of Oaxaca.”

The designs featured on his Novica page, primarily chandelier earrings and sterling silver necklaces, are intricate and complex yet buoyant. They are a great style option for offsetting a casual ensemble of trousers, and a simple white blouse.

Gomez' designer jewelry is stylish, fashionable and of course have the added distinction of also being a type of modern antiquity. I think it is great that he strives to keep this incredible, ancient art form thriving.

"My family and I work with techniques developed centuries ago. Every detail is important so we start by making the silver threads ourselves.

The type of jewelry I create is but a small sample of my family’s legacy. We are proud of our Oaxaca heritage.”
Photo 1 (top right): Pearl Morning Sky Chandelier Earrings
Photo 2 (center): Sterling Silver Hearts Pendant NecklacePhoto 3 (bottom left): Sterling Silver Iridescent Light Earrings
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