Monday, September 14, 2009


I am delving into a different topic again for this month's Splendor Sidebar. This month's topic is tips on how to wear jewelry. The content of my article is based on a few online editorials I read on the subject, and the suggestions do not necessarily reflect my ideas. Personally, I do not see ways to wear jewelry as being completely set in stone, but I thought some of you might find the information helpful.

Here's the scenario: you've put on a pair of dark jeans, and a button down,
white blouse or an elegant, black dress and you want a little something extra to add a final touch. You gaze over to your jewelry box unsure of which piece adds the right complement.

According to online sources, you should keep in mind a number of factors when selecting that fabulous piece of jewelry: your age, build and height, the size and style of jewelry (bold or classic), as well as the type of jewelry (diamonds, pearls, etc.).

Taking into consideration what you are wearing also factors in the piece you select. If you are wearing anything with a bright print, wear clean pieces with classic designs.

Let's go back to our two examples. Simple, classic jewelry designs also work well with a casual outfit, such as the dark jeans and white blouse; although a single, bold piece like a gold necklace or chunky bracelet can provide an interesting complement.

The key here is selecting a single piece of jewelry. Wearing loads of jewelry of any kind is not the option to go with. A simple string of pearls (faux pearls too) looks stunning with a white blouse and an open collar. A gold necklace with a diamond pendant or a pop of color like coral or turquoise goes well with the elegant black dress.

It is said that long, dangly earrings look best with a straight, smooth hairstyle offset by a lean, long neck. However, small, button-type earrings are believed to look better on petite and stout women. Similarly, rings with slim bands complement slim fingers, while rings with large stones can cause small fingers to look even more diminutive.

Unless the rings are stackable, it isn't a good idea to wear multiple rings with various band sizes. If your jewelry is eclectic and was not bought as a set, the jewelry you choose should complement. The rule is--and it kind of goes without saying-- to wear a gold necklace with other gold pieces, although layering necklaces with varying lengths adds a nice, funky touch.

Ultimately, the bottom line is to wear jewelry that reflects who you are. If you have a take-charge personality wear bolder pieces. If your demeanor is understated, classic pieces will most likely appeal to you.

Sometimes pieces you choose reflect your mood. In her article, Vicky Post said this, "Give your jewelry the same attention you give to the rest of your outfit, and make sure that whatever you wear, clothes or jewelry, that you are comfortable with the result."
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