Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Carnivorous plants are sure to get our attention as we visit Poland's oldest botanical garden, Krakow Botanical Garden.

Among other areas of interest is the ominous 300-year-old Jagiellonian Oak Tree, and the astronomical observatory, which was the site of the country's first hot air balloon launch over 200 years ago.

Poland is also home of featured jewelry designer Pawel Kaczynski.

Whatever metalworking technique Kaczynski implements to create his one-of-a-kind pieces has to be one of the best-kept trade secrets.

He works entirely with steel, gold, bronze, and silver creating the most imaginative, innovative and visually stunning pieces I have seen! A sculptor and graduate of Poland's Academy of Fine Arts, where he specialized in jewelry design, Kaczynski calls upon both aptitudes to express various types of forms.

He fashions metals in such a way that creates an assortment of textures resembling tree bark, crinkled fabric, leaves, flowers, pleated corsets, and even dreadlocks. Two of his remarkable bracelets simulate water and fire respectively. His ability to replicate the twist and coil of dreadlocked hair is amazing, while the metal in other pieces have the transparency of nylon.

He incorporates both vivid and neutral paint colors to complete and balance the metallic ridges and sculptural curves. His use of gemstones is minimal, making his work a unique example of how expressive metal can be by adding texture and hand-painted color.

Whether Kaczynski intended for his jewelry to be worn or displayed is not readily evident, but his pieces definitely fit into the high fashion, statement-making category. His pieces are an unmistakable display of immense talent and great artistry.

Kaczynski is a member of the Association of Goldsmithing Artists, and the Polish Sculptors Association.

He has held personal exhibitions of his avant-garde work in Poland, and Denmark, and participates in a group exhibition known as Group Six.

Kaczynski, along with five other Polish jewelry designers, present their unique, innovative designs to the public.

Photo 1 (top right): Silver and Bronze Fire Bracelet
Photo 2 (bottom left): Steel and Silver Water Bracelet
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