Thursday, September 10, 2009


The palaces of Seoul, Korea are stunning architectural triumphs filled with history. Among the grand palaces is the Changdeok Palace, which consists of 13 buildings, 28 pavilions, 3 main areas, and is encircled by a park.

Deoksu Palace is actually a compound of several palaces made with different materials and styles. Korea is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Tricia Kim.

The healing properties of quartz and chalcedony, and uplifting symbolism serve as the inspiration behind Kim's elegant jewelry. Born in Korea, and reared in the United States, Kim instantly developed an appreciation for different aesthetics.

Her love for gemstones led to studies in fine arts, and sculpture at New York's Parsons School of Design, and School of Visual Arts, as well as the California College of Arts and Crafts.

Her educational journey would not stop there.  In the early 90s, Kim apprenticed with a New York-based goldsmith. By 1997, she accepted a position as a designer with a Bali jewelry company.

After two years, Kim left the company traveling to India and Nepal. Inspired by the two countries' powerful architecture and history in 2000, she returned to Bali to establish her company Nagicia. Butterflies, dragonflies, and the legendary Naga dragon are key symbols in her pieces.

Working with both Javanese and Balinese artisans, there is a mesh of contemporary and traditional aesthetics. There is a beautiful Buddha head pendant carved from sky blue, rock quartz, and framed in 22-karat gold, as well as the gorgeous 22-karat gold Padma Ring.

Symbols of love and victory, Kim's masterful replications of butterflies and dragonflies are fashioned in sterling sliver. The ethereal, carved out pieces appear to be weightless; while the symbol of purity, the Lotus Flower, is fashioned from embossed silver.

Currently living in Bali, Kim is inspired by the rich, artistic talent of the craftsman she works with as well as the region's natural beauty. "I feel blessed to experience one of nature's gorgeous pristine spots."
Photo 1 (top right): Sterling Silver Full Butterfly Pendant
Photo 2 (bottom left): 22-Karat Gold Devi Crown Rings with Emerald and Ruby Gemstones
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