Monday, September 21, 2009


Today we explore the incredible Mayan ruin Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico.

Once categorized as an Atlantean outpost, Palenque's remarkable temples--the Temple of Inscriptions, the Temple of Jaguar, and the Temple of the Sun--are architectural wonders covered with colorful motifs reminiscent of Asian art. Mexico is also the home base of jewelry brand Sabido & Basteris.

The artistic dexterity of Mayan ruins and their well-preserved paintings became a powerful muse to Italian-Mexican Victor Sabido Basteris. His trip to the temples served as the catalyst for building his jewelry with lasting, eco-friendly materials.

"The Maya had found the way to make lasting color art out of natural materials," Basteris explains. "In setting a foundation for my company, I wondered if we could rediscover that lost skill."

Sabido & Basteris' unique jewelry is a feast for the senses with its fresh, vivid colors, and wonderful textures. Basteris applies fade-resistant dyes, made from combined minerals, to recycled silver threads for his breathtaking Filo D' Argento Collection. The designs featured in this collection highlight intricate, weaving techniques resulting in innovative and distinctive pieces.

Basteris' other collections are clearly inspired by nature's wonders; at one turn, you will see an organically structured necklace or bracelet drenched with distinctive stones, like jasper and jade. At another turn, you will see the glistening shapes of delicate flowers carved from Mother of Pearl.

"I regard life as a gift. The ocean, for instance, plays such an important role that it is impossible not to find it irresistible," Basteris acknowledges. "The ocean is intriguing, powerful, soothing, full of colors, and unpredictable. I have found inspiration in the splendor of natural elements."

Basteris has attended trade shows around the world presenting his gorgeous, artistic trinkets. He has represented his company at the Glamroom in Vicenza, Italy, the Expojoya in Mexico, and JCK in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Basteris is also undeterred by the global economic situation. "I regard these times as a great opportunity to position the company as an alternative in the world of fine jewelry. Offering totally new and original designs is the key to success," he explains.

"Innovative design must be coupled with a well thought out marketing plan. It is tempting to cut back on marketing in a downturn, but you need to build for the future, to position yourself now in order to be ready for better times."

Sabido & Basteris actively supports charitable causes; designing silver cuff links, bracelets, and pendants to raise funds for Mexico's La Casa de la Amistad, a foundation that assists children with cancer.

Photo 1 (top right): Item from the Filo D' Argento Collection made with Dyed Silver Threads
Photo 2 (bottom left): Item from Aqua D' Argento Collection made from Mother of Pearl
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