Thursday, June 11, 2009


At the center of the Baltic Sea, Gotland Island is a well-kept secret positioned on the East Coast of Stockholm, Sweden, and Sudersand Beach is its crown jewel.

The beach's lengthy stretches of white sand encompassed by sparkling, sapphire blue water and clear skies are a dream. Sweden is also the home of featured design team Yvone Clamf and Christina Söderström.

Sharing a mutual interest in Venetian silver working, Clamf and Söderström met at a Venetian filigree class.

As the two women learned the intricate, 16th century technique, they also learned about each other's fascination with culture, fashion, art, and architecture. Their mutual interests set in motion the establishment of their company Yvone Christa in 1999.

Inspired by the nostalgia of 16th century Italy, and the complex formations in nature, using the filigree technique, Clamf and Söderström soldered thin threads of sterling silver into spectacular replicas of orchids, tulips, lilies, and roses.

Among their many pieces is an oxidized silver cuff bracelet that exudes the elegance of past eras, and the elaborate detailing of a filigree butterfly pendant necklace dipped in 22-karat gold.

Green jade, rose quartz and amazonite are among the semi-precious gemstones that are fully handset to provide an extra touch of style and grace to the finished pieces.

Yvone Christa jewelry is sold around the world in Dubai, France, Sweden, England, Spain, and the United States.

Their beautiful filigree pieces are popular in entertainment circles and are worn by Christie Brinkley, Taylor Swift, Kate Bosworth, and Cindy Crawford.

For more displays of the company's fantastic designer jewelry pieces, watch their promotional video from YouTube.

Photo 1 (top right): Oxidized Sterling Silver Filigree Flower Cuff Bracelet
Photo 2 (bottom left): 22-Karat Gold Vermeil Filigree Chandelier Leaf Earrings
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