Friday, June 26, 2009


Today we will take a trip through time to the incredible Pachacamac Ruins in Lima, Peru. The powerful mysticism of the ruins can still be felt while walking through the halls of Acllahuasi, the Pilgrims' Plaza, and the Temple of the Sun. Lima, Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Claudia Lira.

Every cloud has a silver lining, but if Lira has anything to do with it she would fashion that silver line into something fabulous.

A graduate of Holland's TSU - Vakschool Schoonhoven, Lira loves to craft clean forms using silver. Once she completed her studies, Lira returned to Peru in 1997 to begin her workshop.

Motivated by the unending beauty within nature, art, and life experiences, Lira aspired to create high quality silver jewelry for her clientele.

The elegant, clean lines of pieces like her Various Elements Pendant are Lira's signature. Lira's use of gemstones is minimal opting instead to highlight geometric forms in silver alloy with a high gloss, matte, or textured finish. "My work results from fusion of influences from two continents - the Americas and Europe," she says.

Collaborating with her sister, Marliz, Lira believes that enthusiasm, and a positive attitude stimulates creativity while also creating a fun, productive work environment.

Positioned at the forefront of Peru's silver industry, Lira's handmade jewelry designs possess a cool sophistication that brings actor Grace Kelly to mind. They are understated yet dramatic; fashionable and modern; regal and exotic.

Lira's wares are also sold at, and exhibitions of her work have been held in Italy, The Netherlands, Peru, and Switzerland.
Photo 1 (top right): High Gloss Sterling Silver Avocado Ring with Amethyst
Photo 2 (bottom left): High Gloss and Textured Sterling Silver Peak Links Tribute Necklace
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