Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When given the opportunity it wouldn't be right to pass on exploring one of Australia's beaches; so let's visit Geographe Bay in Dunsborough, Australia.

Beautiful weather coupled with uncluttered views of the Indian Ocean's blue-green waters is only the beginning of what the beach offers.

We can go fishing, snorkeling, and swimming, or take a diving tour deep into the jewel-tone surf to view the sunken HMAS SWAN formerly of the Royal Australian Navy. Australia is also home to featured jewelry designer Steve Turner.

More than four decades ago, master artisan Turner established Nina's Jewellery and in 1984, after purchasing Argyle Diamonds from Australia's Kimberley region, the company became one of the country's leading retailers of these magnificent diamonds.

Known mainly for its exquisite diamond engagement, wedding, friendship, and eternity rings, Nina's Jewellery also creates beautiful 18-karat white and yellow gold pieces featuring spectacular blue, gold, rose, and white South Sea Pearls.

Aside from the items created from the main craftsmen's inspirational palettes, Nina's Jewellery creates custom jewelry using 3-D animation. Clients' images and specifications are taken via Nina's Jewellery website and a three-dimensional, multi-angle image is created for the client to preview before a piece is finalized.

The company's timeless, classic designs are also award winning. Marita Bilsby, an apprentice with the company, as well as a student at Central TAFE, won the runner-up award in the Belle of the Ball category for her "cocoon" necklace, "a gold wire frame that twists like a hollow rope to form "cocoons" around the neck." AGR Matthey, Australia's premier gold jewelry manufacturer, provided the award.

Nina's Jewellery craftsman Mark Blyth received the Jewellery Association of Australia's top award for his "18-and 22-karat gold bangle," with white and pink diamonds called Mountain Twilight.

Finally, in 2008, Nina's Jewellery artisan Liana Coetsee won the Computer Aided Design Award for her Global Translation piece that was inspired by Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth.
Photo 1 (top right): 18-Karat White Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace
Photo 2 (bottom left): White Broome Pearl and White Diamond Pendant Necklace in 18-Karat White and Yellow Gold
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