Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today we stop in Ireland at the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, three miles away from Dublin.

There is plenty to see with over 20,000 different trees, shrubs, and perennials that include yews, orchids, roses, and spectacular Indian pink-blushed lilies called Crinum moorei.

Ireland is also home to featured jewelry designer John Christopher Condron.

The only way I can describe my reaction to Condron's jewelry is . . . to tell you the truth it is difficult to adequately express.

To me he not only captures the spirit of traditional Irish jewelry, with its Celtic interlacing knot work, and cables, but his pieces possess a sweeping elegance and refinement that I feel truly embodies femininity.

The flourishing landscape of Ireland, the lyrical prose of W.B. Yeats, and the skill of 6th and 7th century Irish goldsmiths are all forces that inspire and influence Condron's work. While living in New York, Condron frequented the upscale stores noticing the absence of more sophisticated Irish jewelry.

His objective was to broaden the scope by introducing designer jewelry that would overshadow the more formulaic renderings of shamrock and leprechaun designs. Upon returning to Ireland, he then immersed himself in Ireland's wealth of history focusing on the artistry of medieval jewelry such as lock-rings, armlets, and fibulae clasps.

By 1987, Condron developed a jewelry company he aptly named Fado, which means "long ago," featuring the John Christopher brand. His designs are handcrafted using sterling silver, 14-karat yellow and white gold, diamonds, and other brilliant-colored gems.

His seven breathtaking collections each give homage to Ireland's art, ancient culture, and nightlife.

In 2007 Condron officially launched the John Christopher Collection in the United States.
Photo 1 (top right): Items from Night Lights Collection in 14-Karat Yellow and White Gold with Diamonds
Photo 2 (bottom left): Items from Timeless Trinity Collection in White Gold and Diamonds
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