Monday, April 20, 2009


Now that I've discussed some of the legends in the field, I'm going to switch gears. Let's go on a journey as I span the globe and introduce some names you may or may not know.

We'll travel to Spain, England, Australia, India and of course the U.S.A. We'll look at unique aesthetics and inspiration ranging from the teachings of Buddhism to a cosmic connection to nature. It's all wonderful and eclectic and that's what makes jewelry design so great, individuality.

Our first stop is Holland where we will meet Sasja Saptenno. She has one of the most unusual and unexpected aesthetics I've seen at this point.

Saptenno is an eco-friendly designer who "Like a monk I spend many hours with an material. I construct and de-construct and am fascinated by the endless possibility of it."

One such material that Saptenno has deconstructed and reconstructed is the rubber inner tubes of bicycles collected from neighbors, bicycle shops, and even used her own.

She creates complex rubber necklaces and rubber bracelets from them, and she even makes shawls in various colors, called a bulb shawl, from PET bottles!

Saptenno actively incorporates her background in textile, fashion and graphic design. She has displayed her distinguishing works in exhibitions since 1995 and her pieces can be found in stores around the world. Saptenno has also been featured in magazines Haute Nature and House of Design. She is definitely a true original.
Photo 1 (upper left): Inner Tube Rubber Necklace
Photo 2 (lower right): Bulb Shawl
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