Thursday, April 23, 2009


G'day mate!

Amidst the rugged turf and wild surf of Australia we visit jeweler Mark Scown, proprietor of Byron Bay Fine Jewelry.

Scown began his jewelry business in 1997 in Byron Bay, Australia. Utilizing his background as a trained jeweler, and drawing on his studies in sculpture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Scown specializes in designing and creating unique custom jewelry.

Building a solid connection with clientele is essential to custom jewelry design, and Scown makes a point to get to know his clients in order to create pieces that reflect their diverse personalities.

Before finalizing a piece, as well as making sure to keep in-line with his clients' specifications, Scown keeps close contact with them by having them review his design drawings, and photographs of the prototype at different developmental stages.

As he develops his designs, he takes into consideration the complementary aspects of the stones and precious metals he will use, and if the piece will complement his clients' other jewelry. All I can say is that the finished products are fantastic.

Scown also specializes in engraving, and repairing jewelry. He particularly enjoys giving vintage jewelry a modern edge by adding new stones or precious metals, or both.

I really like that he infuses his clients' personalities into his designs. That's a wonderful way to personalize it, making the piece that much more one-of-a-kind and special. The photos included are actual designs made for two different clients. Beautiful.
Photo 1 (top left): Forged 9-karat Gold Ring with Green Coral
Photo 2: (bottom right): 18-Karat Gold Engraved Hands Wedding Bands
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