Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A small island in Spain known as Formentera possesses the milieu of pristine beaches and a spectacular view of the blue-green waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is also home to featured jewelry designer Enric Majoral.

In 1973, at age 23, with no formal training in jewelry design Majoral--seemingly imbued with the effortless beauty around him--intuitively creates organic designs that appear to be an outgrowth of the island of Formentera itself.

The breathtaking landscapes of Spain infuses all of his pieces with an earthy and bold aesthetic. Majoral uses sterling silver, gold, coral, and oxidized bronze in his designer jewelry creations.

While viewing Majoral’s online gallery, it is clear he does not adhere to any conventional trend. A prolific creator, he has produced over 20 variegated collections.

Included among his collections are, Blocs, characterized by progressively chunky, gold rings; Cosits highlights a pin stripe running along the metal; and Calder, inspired by American sculptor, Alexander Calder.

Majoral designs all of his pieces with his two sons, Abril and Roc Ribera. An assortment of his collections was recently on display at Patina Gallery in Santé Fe, New Mexico. You can view the gallery display here.
Photo 1 (top right): Matte Gold and Coral ring from the Napols Collection
Photo 2 (bottom left): Gold Disc Necklace from the Pluja Collection
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