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Gold Vermeil White Opal Pendant
Although relatively small the Israeli city Netanya is full of surprises!  “Burial caves from the Byzantine era” can be found during tours of the Beit Aharon Reservation, as well as soft-shell turtles.

Hiking trails, beaches, and museums each provide a variety of stimuli to the senses.  Israel is also home to featured jewelry designer Ruth Doron.

When classic design is not stagnant, it is at its best.  Doron’s affordable bridge jewelry brand of sterling silver, 14-karat gold and gold vermeil highlight the versatility of classic style from the basic and buttoned down to the sublime.

There are teardrop earrings where lovely blue or clear zircon swing daintily.  There are single-stone rings featuring moonstone, opal, peridot and aventurine; as well Spinner Rings showcasing wide, silver bands overlaid with thinner gold-filled, silver or gemstone bands! 

Gorgeous blue opal is central to the subcategories of her Israeli Jewelry Collection.  It is a great, understated style with fashionable and eye-catching details.
Sterling Silver Spinner Ring with Gold-Filled
Bands and Opal
With the help of her son, Gilad, the graduate of Israel’s Shenkar School of Design skillfully blends traditional jewelry making techniques with CAD.  The fourteen-year-old brand is renowned for its pared down yet decorative style.

“My studio is located just a little ways from Mount Tabor and Nazareth and I take inspiration from the rustic scenery as well as modern fashion trends.  Our jewelry is for women from all walks of life. 

Many women would love to wear fine jewelry but cannot afford it.  Silver is a precious metal which allows a customer to purchase a great piece of jewelry at affordable price points.”

Gold Vermeil and Garnet Earrings
2015 Jewelry Trend AlertThe warm hue of yellow gold and stacking rings are a central part of Doron’s classic yet differentiated style.  These design styles are, of course, a part of the style trends for 2015.
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