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14K Yellow Gold & Turquoise 3rd Chakra
Pendant Necklace
from Chakra Collection
An enduring symbol of friendship, New York’s Statue of Liberty remains one of the state’s most visited landmarks.

Overlooking the Hudson River, the monument stands over 100 feet high and was created by French architect Frederick Bartholdi.  New York is also the hometown of featured jewelry designer Mary Margrill.

The basis of many designer jewelry brands, including Satya Jewelry (USA) and Canadian jeweler Sonja Picard, is about inspiring the wearer through symbolism.  Like her contemporaries, Margrill creates classic yet nuanced designs.

And while the industry is crowded with heart and hamsa hands Margrill deviates from the norm with her chic metal and fabric I Am Blessed Wrap Bracelet; her Manifesting Malas Rosewood Bead Bracelet; and her Skippy Diggy HappinessY-Necklace.

After auspicious stints as a painter, sculptor and jewelry designer for “renowned international” jewelry brands Margrill launched her own jewelry line, M2  (i.e. M squared), thirteen years ago.  The F.I.T. graduate wanted to create designs that resonated not only visually with the wearer; but also viscerally.

“When I first learned to throw pots in the third grade I developed a love for art particularly work with clay and sculpture.  When I started designing for large jewelry brands I realized that I was making talismans that inspire and remind people to trust in the positive energy of our lives and gain strength from it,” she explains.
Love, Grace & Wisdom Rosewood Bracelets from
Manifesting Malas Collection
Margrill highlights inscribed words in many designs such as her Believe, and Faith rings.  I love the juxtaposition of her double pendant Chakra items that feature a chakra pendant in gold; and a second pendant showcasing the energy center’s corresponding color via inlaid gemstone.

It is a great presentation of grounding symbolism in fashion-ready outlines.  Fashion icons like Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry gravitate to both the style and substance of Margrill’s collections.

“These pieces are about human commonalities and similarities; the way in which people react to inspiration, heart-break, family and love.  They speak to everyone.  Famous people are drawn to my designs for the same reasons as anyone else.  I believe we all want ways to stay grounded to our hearts and souls.”
14K Gold Vermeil Believe Ring with Amethyst

2015 Jewelry Trend AlertBright and yellow, hard and cold! Gold is a style trend that will keep going strong and there is plenty of the yellow metal to see in Margrill’s collections.  

What is better than this year’s stacking ring trend?  Stacking rings inscribed with inspirational words.
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