Wednesday, October 1, 2014


18K White Gold Mobile Ring with Pink Pearl
The rustic beauty of Italy’s Cinque Terre, located on the Italian Riviera, is one of the regions many highlights.  

Those who have visited this unique locale reveal that it is a place separated from modern fixtures like a whole other world.  

Italy is also home to featured jewelry designer Lia Di Gregorio.

Italian jewelry design from the remarkable contemporary art pieces of Giovanni Corvaja to the alternately commanding and clear-cut items from Osanna Visconti Di Modrone is always steeped in differentiation.

Di Gregorio’s fine jewelry collections showcase an array of subtle yet eye-catching details that include the orbital structure of her Mobile Rings and tightly coiled 18-karat gold from her Gomitol collection.

She deftly masters the challenge of creating jewelry that is vividly expressive without being overpowering.  Supple intertwined golden loops, delicate hexagonal-like forms, and clusters of tiny rubies, black diamonds and white pearls are a sampling of her discreet aesthetic of texture and movement.

A 28-year-veteran of the industry, Di Gregorio enlists her background in art and architecture to develop her elegant artistic vision.  “Art—in all its forms—has always been a source of inspiration.  It has led me to seek harmony in shapes, to highlight details and to constantly search for a fine and delicate balance,” she says.

18K Gold BoxeSagono Necklace with White Pearl
“I start from sketches, small patterns made of paper, wire and wax.  Then an original idea takes shape in a 3D object. I love metals and I understand how to work them—casting, wielding, inlaying.  I develop rigorous jewelry making techniques. 

I set limits on what I can do as well as explore design potentials.  My philosophy is to break from traditional schemes and challenge position and proportions to create precious ornaments for the body.”
18K Gold Forme Earrings with White Pearls

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertDespite some bold color trends this year understated hues are also big.  

DiGregorio complements her streamlined forms with such subtle hues as creamy white, and black.
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