Friday, October 3, 2014


Bronze Burrow Necklace with
Sterling Silver Chain
The Montreal Biosphere is a remarkable feat of architecture and technology.

Donated to the Canadian city forty-seven years ago by the U.S. government, the “scientific museum” was designed by Richard Buckminster and boasts a 250 foot dome and retractable shading screens.  Canada is also home to featured jewelry designer Catherine Hartley.

Like other creative mediums some in the jewelry industry are guilty of monotony.  

Certain standard designs like star, initial and nameplate pendant necklaces appear to be the template many independent designer brands seek out. 

Fortunately Hartley brings something different to her classically styled jewelry of sterling silver and bronze. 

Her alternately earthy and somewhat warrioresque jewelry collections are a fresh departure from over-saturated design styles.

Hartley readily enlists her silversmithing skills: hammering, sawing and forging to build baubles that are glamorous without being full-on statement pieces. 

A standout silver ring from her Bloom collection highlights a hammered, metal setting that at first glance resembles a faceted diamond.

Bronze Daze Cuff Bracelet
There are also three and four-banded rings featuring a single, continuous spiral of lithe bands; and cuff bracelets with crisp peaks, angles and distressed surfaces.  There is a great sense of flow and movement to her lissome and rustic style.

“Before relocating to Mayne Island in British Columbia, where I now have a studio, I began making jewelry in Vancouver. 

Both locations—the urban and rural settings—influence my designs.  I bring together contrasting elements to create a style that balances architectural and organic.”

Sterling Silver Four-Banded Ring
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertHartley’s Bloom Collection highlights simply arranged, rough-cut pieces of oxidized, hammered sterling silver.  

The necklaces from this collection hold a distinct, tribal visual; a style that is on trend this year.
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