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Atlantis Leather Necklace
Known for its energetic, modern lifestyle, Fortaleza, Brazil also offers other attractions. 

A hub for “true Brazilian food, crafts and products” is the Mercado Central, a colorful marketplace; and a cruise that begins from Beira Mar highlights the area’s skyline and picturesque beaches. 

Brazil is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Daniela Zagnolli.

With her lithe, remarkable jewelry pieces Dutch designer Thea Tolsma unleashed unto the fashion world the unbelievably incredible beauty of rubber from inner tubes. 

Unlike rubber, however, leather is used widely in the fashion industry.  Nonetheless I have not seen jewelry designs made from leather with the sultry panache of Zagnolli’s exotic fashion jewelry brand.

The use of a laser cutting machine notwithstanding, these runway ready choker necklaces and cuff bracelets are handmade in Brazil.  Accents of silver or antique gold skulls, gold plated rivets, and semi-precious gemstones like green quartz and obsidian bring Zagnolli’s clean yet bold aesthetic to life!

Cut-out patterns like sinuous waves and mesh reveal the leather’s level of versatility that clearly rivals jewelry made of 18-karat gold and diamonds. 

Zagnolli, who once managed the Brazilian branch of the modeling agency Mega Model, is a force of nature.  After five years at the helm of Mega Model she decided to explore other career options.  Unable to speak English at age twenty-four she moved to New York, where she currently lives, to start her life anew.
Waves Gold Leather Cuff Bracelet
She held an office job by day, learned English at night; and as a way to earn money on the side she started a fledgling wholesale business importing Brazilian-made accessories and home décor to New York boutiques. 

Holding a strong passion for carving a niche in the fashion world she then attended New York University where she enrolled in design class and learned to use a computer design program. By 2010, she was ready to launch her jewelry line.

“Normally when people think of Brazil they think of models, the Amazon and soccer.  I wanted the phrase “Made in Brazil” to equal great quality.  My designs are inspired by the Brazilian landscapes and fauna, and I make them for the independent, modern woman,” she explains.

“I wanted to design costume jewelry without the traditional gold and silver.  I wanted to create a modern look with leather.  It feels amazing to share my unique designs in different parts of the world including England and Kuwait.”
Snake Print Hinged Leather Beaver Necklace

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertZagnolli’s choice to create haute costume jewelry aligned her with one of the year’s style trends.  

Leather was a hot material on the Louis Vuitton and Fendi runways and Zagnolli keeps in step.  

The saturation of leather collar necklaces and statement cuffs in Zagnolli’s collections rounds out what is on trend.
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