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The lush beauty of Japan’s Heian Shrine Garden is an amazing place of landscaping and natural beauty. 

Divided into four sub-gardens that face south, west, middle and east each garden hosts tranquil ponds and floral arrangements of cherry blossoms, bush clover and irises.  Japan is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Yuko Fujita.

Contemporary art jewelry is completely outside the realm of what is going on with mainstream jewelry.

Although it is not always aesthetically appealing in my opinion contemporary art jewelry is creativity at its purest. 

I feel this way because the niche is all about taking chances and breaking out of confines and restrictions.

Admittedly Fujita’s jewelry is strange and unabashedly quirky.  What I also see is Fujita’s great sense of play in the vivid colors and chunky outlines. 

Items resemble vibrant parrot wings, flowers, utensils and lentils.  Her homage to forms in nature is child-like in its almost elementary school “arts and crafts” type presentation. 

Though Fujita also works with 18-karat gold and sterling silver, her mission is to allow a wide range of materials dictate how a specific piece evolves.  Like a true contemporary art jeweler worth their salt, the award-winning designer is drawn to every day components.
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“I see unique character and warmth in leather, cotton, paper, cotton, silk and wood.  I think they become more attractive when they are dented, wonky, discolored, or scratched because it gives me a feeling of their life and history.”

Wood in particular is central to several of Fujita’s handmade jewelry creations.  “I still see life in wooden objects that have fallen out of use.  I know I can give new life to them,” says the Australia-based artist.

“I crafted my wood designs in a wood club I joined, the Mount Waverly Wood Workers, Inc.  Materials, shapes and colors inspire me.  They respond to me through their shape, color and texture to bring form to each item.”

Fujita's expressive work is available for purchase at

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2014 Jewelry Trend AlertA number of Fujita’s capricious designs highlight the year’s boldest color theme of bright colors mixed with brown.
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