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10K Gold Cashel Half Hoop Earrings
The Irish town of Dingle, located in County Kerry, is an area of scenic wonders that include the Blasket Islands; the pottery of craftsman Louis Mulcahy; and a fun-loving dolphin named Fungie. 

Ireland is also home to featured jewelry designer Brian de Staic.

Contemporary Irish jewelry design comes in many forms: the quirky (Alan Ardiff); sexy edginess (Slim Barrett); and updated traditional designs (John Christopher Condron). 

A thirty-three year veteran, de Staic’s aesthetic is simple yet captivating. His elegant collections of 10-, 14- and 18-karat gold and sterling silver reflect the beauty of Ireland’s haunting, misty landscapes.

Fabulous details of silky concaves, gentle weave patterns, knots, and rough etchings based on Ogham (pronounced “OH-ehm”) stone alphabet carvings.  The intangible, otherworldly energy of Ireland’s megaliths, islands and folklore seem imbued in each design.

The jeweler got his start working as an apprentice for a well-known Cork jeweler.  “I came to Dingle from Cork and I love the place.  I did not know anything about jewelry making,” recalls de Staic. 

“I did well in school and I was good with my hands.  So I decided to apprentice with a jeweler.  I just took to the work right away.  After a few weeks he said 'welcome aboard.'”

14K Gold Dovinia Narrow Yellow Ring with Diamonds
With the assistance of his wife, Mäiread, de Staic made quick strides establishing his first retail shop in 1981.  In twenty years, by 2001, the jeweler opened his sixth retail shop in County Kerry.

In addition to opening a retail shop in Ventura, California, in 2007 de Staic has the distinguished honor of creating special Celtic themed jewelry for then President George W. Bush and the First Family.

“It’s very easy to be inspired by the Irish countryside.  I look out my window and see the Atlantic Ocean, green, luscious hills and beautiful mountains.

We are very committed in keeping traditional jewelry making techniques.  Every piece is made individually.  Each ring, brooch or pendant necklace is a miniature work of art.”

10K Gold Riasc Cross Pendant Necklace
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertUnderstated pendants are a style trend that is a departure from last year’s big, bold designs.  

De Staic’s remarkable capacity for lush simplicity and his pendant styles are almost voluptuous in their minimal outlines.
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