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Antique 18K Gold and Sterling Silver
Lush Pendant Necklace with White Topaz
and Black Onyx
After numerous reconstructions by Spanish builders, the Cathedral of St. Augustine located in Augustine, Florida, is presently a U.S. National Historic Landmark.  Florida is also home to featured jewelry designer Amanda Jaron.

Celebrities are a huge selling point for some high-profile designer jewelry brands.  In some cases, famous names outshine run-of-the-mill design ideas.  

Although celeb clientele like Rachael Ray and Sharon Stone are fans of Jaron’s eclectic fashion and fine jewelry collections, the 42-year-old mother of two is all “about design.”

Jaron’s enthusiasm and love for design is readily evident.  Launched in 2004, A. Jaron Fine Jewelry is an extension of Jaron’s affection for both Naples, Florida and New York City. 

Pieces are lilting, feminine, and bold with vintage and quirky flourishes.  Beautiful floral patterns and openwork are accented with labradorite, emerald, ruby and pink tourmaline.  There is something for every taste from classic to opulent to push gifts.

My Rocks to Buy Baby collection initially started with me.  When I was pregnant with twins 11 years ago, I made a 14-karat gold binky pendant necklace for myself.  Then I sent the same necklace to Britney Spears, Heidi Klum and Angelina Jolie when their babies were born!  The rest—as they say—is history.”

18K Gold Coca Cola Cuff Bracelet with Diamonds
and Freshwater Pearls
After stints with fashion houses Tommy Hilfiger and Givenchy, Jaron delved into jewelry making working as the lead designer at AVON.  

Her keen sense of blending just the right elements to produce stunning pieces was her forte.  As a matter of fact, Jaron’s pricey Coca Cola Cuff Bracelet is a prime example of this.

The base of a vintage, pale green Coca Cola bottle is sculpted into the form of a cuff.  It is beautifully accented with a diamond encrusted hinge, and freshwater pearl centerpiece.  The design is a mix of fun, nostalgia and elegance.

“I have had a passion for jewelry design since I was in grade school. Once I found out you can go to school for it, I did it,” enthuses Jaron.  

“When I worked for Tommy Hilfiger and Givenchy I spent 11 years living in New York.  I went back home to Naples, Florida in 2003 and I bring the glamour, energy and excitement of both cities to my designs.

My philosophy is it is never too big or too much.  You can never have too many bracelets!  I believe in layering jewelry and that women should build a personal collection consisting of pieces that work well together.  I am inspired by the women I create for.  Each piece builds on itself and has a life all its own.”

Sterling Silver Mini Cupcake Ring
with Pink Quartz
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertIntricate details, chandelier earrings, sharp and muted colors are all standout trends of Jaron’s collections.
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