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Gold Plated Brass Wisdom Necklace
Located at the base of the Zargos Mountains in Iran are the ancient ruins of Persepolis.  

The city is still a locale of visual wonders that include the Gate of All Nations, the Tomb of the Kings, and the Eran Garden.  Iran is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Golnar Gorgin.

Calligraphy in and of itself is an art form, and seeing the remarkable form of writing as jewelry is a spectacular combination.  The elegant curvatures are perfectly suited for jewelry design.

Jewelers that include Rabab Salem (Egypt) of Ruby Silver, Bil Arabi’s Nadine Kanso (Lebanon), and Amir Hossein Delbari (Iran) each implement calligraphy into their stunning designer jewelry collections.

Like her contemporaries, Gorgin draws inspiration from her rich cultural heritage.  Choosing the Nastaliq style of Persian calligraphy as the focal point of her handmade jewelry collections, Gorgin’s aesthetic is exotic, modern and sculptural.

Sterling silver, bronze and gold plated brass are respectively fashioned into regal earrings, collar necklaces or rings.  Accents of red enamel or metal surface textures like Gorgin’s signature “diamond effect” (a texture that resembles pavé work) showcase her dedication to craftsmanship.

Mood boards, CAD, and techniques that include investment casting and saw piercing are some of the elements of her creative process.  

Presently based in Florence, Italy in 2012 Gorgin’s diligence was rewarded when she won the first edition of the Sogni d’ Oro (Sweet Dreams) contest. 
Sterling Silver "E" Earrings with Diamond Effect
Her penchant for attention to detail can often give way to perfectionism and Gorgin is not immune. “My favorite part of the creative process is coming up with ideas and then picking the most interesting and exceptional,” she says. 

“The only thing is a lot of the time I am not convinced that one idea is more interesting or more exceptional than another.

My father was an architect and he loved art and music.  He was also a master calligrapher but I had trouble executing characters so calligraphy became the basis for my jewelry designs.

What makes my work unique is the simultaneous influence of two cultures: my Persian heritage on one side, and the Italian excellence in handicrafts on the other.

Implementing calligraphy in my work lies in the belief that significant words written in a beautiful way can substitute the expensive materials from which a piece of jewelry is made.  A beautiful line of poetry adds to the artistic value.”

 A selection of items from Gorgin's collection is available for purchase at Bottica.com.
Sterling Silver Persian "E" Ring with Diamond Effect

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertFor the most part, Gorgin’s style is sculptural and clear-cut.  

Her lyrical designs reflect sophistication and are meticulously cultivated placing her creations firmly on trend for the year.
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