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23K Gold Plated Brass Hope and Fear Earrings
Bombed fourteen times during the Second World War, Germany’s Cologne Cathedral is presently a renowned World Heritage Site.

The storied structure stands 516 feet with high glass windows and showcases Gothic architecture.  Germany is also home to featured jewelry designer Sabrina Dehoff.

There is no question that many high-end fine jewelry brands are jaw-droppingly gorgeousHowever, price points as high as $35,000 for a pair of gemstone earrings can leave cash strapped fashionistas feeling excluded from enjoying what is stylish and fab. 

Taking into account an unstable economy Dehoff’s price points of $105 to $984 are still rather steep but they are a far cry from five digits!  In any event one look at the posh, sparkly visuals of Dehoff’s colored twine cuff bracelets, or choker necklaces with bold cut Swarovski Crystals and you will be hooked!

An alumna of London’s Royal College of Art, in the late 90s Dehoff took her first steps into the world of fashion working as a design assistant for both Guy Laroche, and Lanvin. 

Five years after launching her fashion design consulting firm, vonRot, Dehoff founded her fashion jewelry brand Sabrina DehoffAccessories.  Here she creates jewelry creations that are decidedly modern with a festive vintage flair.

23K Gold Plated Brass and Leather Bangle Bracelet
with Rhodonite

For designs like her rounded square bangle bracelets the 23-karat gold plated geometric outlines are visions of crisp, cool sophistication; while her rounded square rings are offset with vibrant Swarovski Crystals set within visible prong settings.  Other color accents by way of semi-precious gemstones and twine are alternately vivid and muted: greens, greys, fuchsias, browns and blacks. 

She combines metallic focal points with leather, gemstones like pink rhodonite or playful gold charms.  It is a demure and powerful aesthetic with high-fashion at its core.  “I started to experiment with jewelry after starting vonRot.  I have a soft spot for embroidery and detailing. 

Designing jewelry allows me to express my love for small things and attention to detail.  I have less boundaries and more creative freedom than with fashion design.  I experiment with new materials and combinations to create a world of jewelry,” says the designer.

23K Gold Plated Brass Drusy Crystals Necklace
2013 Jewelry Trend AlertDehoff’s jewelry encompasses clean, geometric patterns, strong, statement making outlines, and vivid color pops which are all on trend for the year.
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