Tuesday, July 30, 2013


18K Gold and Paraiba Splendid Earrings
with Spesertite Garnet and Diamonds
The city of Montreal is Canada’s second largest city and there is something here for everyone.  

Montreal provides a great view of the skyline while the Downtown Pointe-a-Calliere Museum offers exhibits and displays that “tell the story of Montreal’s past.”  Canada is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Gregoré Morin.

In my mind luxury jewelry and playful design styles seem like opposing concepts.

However, jewelers like Mario Buzzanca (Italy) highlight otherwise elegant and refined pearls in an array of comical presentations proving that even high-end luxury jewelry can resonate with vivid personality.

Morin’s luxury jewelry also shares a distinctive visual of whimsical characterizations. Like Buzzanca Morin’s approach sets him apart from the buttoned-down persona of this bling-y jewelry niche.

An eight-time recipient of various AGTA Spectrum Awards for design, Morin’s interest in jewelry making and gemstones developed while very young.  His love of jewelry paired with his love of nature became a conduit to formulate unique design ideas.

Subsequently he served as an apprentice to a seasoned goldsmith, and from there he accepted a jeweler position with Silverhorn Jewelers in Santa Barbara, California. 
18K Gold Bombay Sapphire Brooch Pin
with Aquamarine, Pink Sapphire, & Diamonds
Having received tutelage from designers Stephen Webster and Christoph Krahenmann while employed with Silverhorn Jewelers, within several years Morin decided to move on. 

He was eager to set up his own studio where he could make jewelry on his terms, “designing things I like rather than items I know will sell.”   With nature acting as his muse brooch pins and dangle earrings are more like characterizations from a storybook than jewelry.

The designs, composed of 18-karat gold, platinum and gemstones, are so ripe with detail you can imagine the life or story of the “characters”. 

You have the black cat named Lucky that consists of black agate and black diamonds; and a brooch pin called Swiss-Connection made with a brown opal mouse crouched behind a white opal slice of Swiss cheese.  Morin even takes a stab at a Bombay Sapphire drink using aquamarine to provide the blue color.

The jewelry is an undeniable representation of Morin’s deft ability at lapidary; his penchant for selecting the perfect semi-precious or precious gemstones; his love for art; and of course the jeweler’s sense of humor.

“I fabricate all of my pieces by hand using traditional tools and techniques.  My designs are often outside the realm of the ordinary.  I strive to produce jewelry designs that are original, innovative and cohesive in execution,” says Morin.

Morin’s fantastic creations have been featured in the book Gemstone Masters, as well as on the covers of AJM Magazine, Prism Magazine and JCK Magazine.

Pink Opal Ring
2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Morin’s collection of gemstone jewelry is in a class by itself.  

Yet and still his use of a myriad of colorful gemstones including pink sapphire, agate and green gems like peridot put him on trend for the year.
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