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Located in New York City, New York at the intersection of 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue is the iconic Chrysler Building.

Renowned for its stunning Art Deco architecture the 1,047 foot structure is presently the third tallest building in New York City bested by the 1,200 foot Bank of America Tower in 2007. New York is also home to featured jewelry designer Dana Lorenz.

Here again, big and bold is the name of the game for 2011 jewelry trends.

It is all about pairing thick, chunky cuff bracelets or a powerful gemstone necklace with simple, sophisticated clothing ensembles. Lorenz, it seems, has been ahead of this trend for years.

With a degree in artistic painting, obtained from the University of Iowa, as well as holding an obsession for “preppy things” it was surprising to see the intense edge, and Gothicism of Lorenz’ statement making designer jewelry.

“I have wildly diverse tastes when it comes to fashion. I grew up watching shows like Dynasty, Falcon Crest and Friday Night Videos. My personal style was impacted by the vivid costume designs of old Madonna and Duran Duran videos,” she says. “As designers do sometimes, I project a lot of my crazy onto my jewelry creations.”

Having worked for Donna Karan and Gucci, Lorenz was knee-deep in the fashion industry and jewelry making was a mere hobby. However, her love of combining pearl strands with chains caught the attention of clothing designer, Alexandre Plokhov who needed accessories to complement his menswear line.

The exposure led her to make jewelry making a full-time gig; and she launched two lines. The first, Fenton, was launched in 2006, and the following year the sister collection, Fallon, was launched; hence the Fenton-Fallon brand.

Both collections are characterized by a subversive aesthetic of twisted brass box chains, a plethora of Swarovski Crystals, fur, pearls, and crosses. While an Old World, vintage spirit is clearly evident this jewelry boasts attitude. There are gritty, brass spike cuff bracelets, spike rings, and spike hoop earrings.

At the same time, the Victoria Comet Earrings and Choker Necklace from Fallon is a delightfully refined piece of tiny, clustered crystals within streamlined arrangements; while the deceptively subtle beauty of Fallon’s Valmont Deadly Pearl Locket highlights this blend of tough and tender sensibilities with a string of pearls mingled with accents of tiny spikes.

Overall, the Fenton-Fallon brand holds a provocative aesthetic that embodies dual natures; the sweet, the tough; the angelic, the demonic. “Amazing people buy my jewelry. They are strong women who have a point of view so I am thrilled that the First Lady [Michelle Obama] chooses to buy and wear my pieces,” says Lorenz.

“My whole approach to design is offbeat. I mix unexpected themes, materials, textures, and colors. Humor is a large part of my work, as well as references from my childhood.”

Lorenz has launched a Fallon men’s jewelry collection for Spring 2011 and is collaborating with menswear designer Tim Hamilton.

To see more pieces from the Fenton-Fallon brand, be sure to view fashion/creative agency Swell NY’s atmospheric, film noir-like promo video for the brand’s 2010 Autumn/Winter Collection.
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Photo 1 (top right): Brass Box Chain Asymmetrical Choker Necklace with Swarovski Crystals form Fallon Collection
Photo 2 (center): Brass Fair Isle Cuff Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals from Fallon Collection
Photo 3 (bottom left): Brass Swag Earrings with Swarovski Crystals from Fallon Collection
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