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Built over a century ago by Captain William Smith, the sloop/boat Christeen has a long history of sailing on the waters of New York and Connecticut.

Once used to harvest oysters, the renovated boat now rests in Oyster Bay, New York serving as a museum ship. New York is also the home base of featured jewelry brand Satya Jewelry.

I mentioned before that I am not an avid fan of charm jewelry. In all honesty, the sheer saturation of this trend sometimes comes off as a gimmick bandwagon.

However, as I have learned about the origins of charm and symbolic jewelry I have developed more of an appreciation for it.

Such jewelry brands as David Weitzman’s Ka Gold Jewelry (Israel), Qeelin (China), and K Robins (USA) bring both empowerment and beauty to their collections through unique symbols that are carefully considered and researched by its designers. Satya Jewelry is one such brand.

Born from the separate spiritual journeys of its designers, Satya Scainetti and Beth Torstrick-Ward, the gorgeous renderings of alternately minimal and bold designs embody their respective awakenings.

A link of gemstone beads, consisting of blue apatite, suspends the revitalizing symbol of a lotus blossom, while the blooming petals of the lotus is the focal point of striking, handcrafted cuff bracelets in glowing 24-karat gold vermeil.

“I am inspired by my many travels across the world. There are so many diverse elements in encountering temples, villages, museums, and local markets,” says Satya. “Such elements as Thai textiles, ancient Indian coins and Sanskrit words, evolve into a unique design.

We pair ancient symbols with the healing properties of a particular gemstone such as our Red Garnet Om Necklace. For this piece, the peaceful Om symbol combines with the garnets’ ability to enhance inner strength.”

Alongside mainstream iconography of cross necklaces, Hamsa pendants, and heart jewelry are the Goddess Lakshmi, the Tree of Life, and Ganesha; their likenesses beautifully carved by hand on charm necklaces, and gold charm bracelets.

I love the look of handmade jewelry designs. There is something more organic to me, something more naturalistic. It seems to possess inherent warmth. I love seeing that subtle combo of gemstone beads offsetting equally understated gold or sterling silver designs.

I also enjoy seeing the complex structure of such items as their textured, woven silver (99.6%) and gold cuff bracelets, many of which are created by Hill Tribe families of Northern Thailand, as well as the flirty dangle of their Seven Veils Gold Vermeil Earrings. The collections are a lovely expanse of symbols and the innate messages of hope, love and protection add special meaning.

“I was given the name Satya at the end of my training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram. It means “truth”, and Beth and I were excited to use the name for our collections.”

What is also great about this brand is their 24-karat gold vermeil bijouterie does not differ in design quality than items Scainetti, Ward and their team create with pure 18-karat gold. Currently prices start at $38 for gold vermeil and sterling silver jewelry to $5,488 for 18-karat gold.

The brand's men’s jewelry collection is also evocative and striking such as their Catch a Dragon by the Tail silver cuff bracelets with its rich, scale-like surface textures.

The spirit of giving is integral to Scainetti and Ward as proceeds from specific designs, such as the EB Mini Butterfly Necklace, help to benefit non-profit organizations.

“The EB Butterfly Necklace was co-designed by Courteney Cox and David Arquette who partnered with Satya Jewelry to raise awareness and money for epidermolysis bullosa, a skin condition that causes sores and blisters,” says Satya.

“One hundred percent of the proceeds are donated to the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation.”
Photo 1 (top right): 24-Karat Gold Vermeil Large Starburst Cuff Bracelet
Photo 2 (center): 24-Karat Gold Vermeil Fortune Petal Earrings
Photo 3 (bottom left): 24-Karat Gold Vermeil Sunshine Citrine Green Tara Necklace
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