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Positioned off the southern side of Italy’s Gulf of Naples is the Island of Capri, a region ripe with the history of Roman emperors. Italy is also home to featured jewelry designer Giuseppe Picchiotti.

Some do not like the concept of predestination feeling that self-determination is undermined.

However, following the call of destiny is ultimately an act of the will through the exercise of choice.

Picchiotti’s destiny seemed cut out for him as he is descendant from a family of intellectuals.

Nevertheless, growing up in Valenza, Italy would prove to hold the key to Picchiotti’s true destiny as it was a center for a grand tradition of jewelry making.

Like most teenagers looking to establish their identity, a thirteen year old Picchiotti went against familial expectations choosing to apprentice at a goldsmith’s workshop. With his family’s hope of seeing Picchiotti become a doctor shattered they were nonetheless captivated by his innate love for the craft of jewelry making.

The young apprentice’s deft grasp of complex techniques stunned those from whom he learned. Upon completing further studies at Valenza’s Instituto Profesionale Orafo, the ambitious and naturally gifted jeweler established his workshop in 1967 with the help of sister, Annamaria.

To the present, Annamaria remains with the company; her managerial background has allowed Picchiotti cherished time to devote to creating stunning diamond and color gemstone jewelry.

Picchiotti’s intense passion regarding the selection, cut, settings and design styles of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires brings to mind Harry Winston (USA). Like Winston, his commitment to finding “stones worthy of his designs” is legendary.

“A guiding force over the years has been my personal romance with precious stones and diamonds. I only seek out diamonds and color gemstones with unmistakable uniqueness and that is what distinguishes the Picchiotti brand from others,” says the designer.

His vivid yet timeless design approach, particularly his brooches and rings, appear to be influenced by vintage jewelry of the Art Nouveau Period. Diamond encrusted rose and feather replications are fluid; the curve of a stem and the bloom of petals organic.

Picchiotti was careful to create all of his jewelry in-house in order to assure designs met his standards. Delicate, cascading diamond necklaces and elegant diamond bracelets are stately and feminine perfect with a vintage-inspired wedding gown.

Some diamond rings with their intricate pavé settings and dangly earrings drenched with diamonds mingled with pops of blue sapphire, or the granny apple green of peridot possess that distinguished air of pomp-and-circumstance.

This jewelry is undoubtedly sophisticated and classic yet statement making. The designs are clean and minimalist but with that distinct Italian flair.

Today, the Picchiotti brand is a family run business where Picchiotti works alongside wife Matilde, sons Umberto and Filippo, and daughter Maria Carola.

Each individual brings their respective gifts to the company assisting with marketing, buying gemstones, and overseeing manufacturing, and design.
Photo 1 (top right): Platinum, Ruby and Diamond Necklace
Photo 2 (center): 18-Karat White Gold and Diamond Brooch Pin
Photo 3 (bottom left): 18-Karat White Gold, Onyx and Diamond Pendant Necklace
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