Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Currently serving as a host to authentic Renaissance-style dinners is Sweden’s Kalmar Castle. The centuries-old fortress replete with a functional drawbridge, secret passages, turrets and pepper pots is a magnet for eager tourists. Sweden is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Carin Lindberg.

The origins of Scandinavian jewelry dates back to the days of the Vikings with even the mighty hammer of Thor--a symbol of protection-- immortalized as a silver pendant necklace.

Scandinavian jewelry is renowned for its clean, minimalist proportions offset by subtle details that highlight the smooth flow of form or texture.

Lindberg, who currently resides in the United Kingdom, adheres to this style tradition in handmade jewelry designs of largely gemstone pendants, gemstone earrings, and sterling and fine silver jewelry.

Her understated jewelry is a gentle play of sleek metal forms paired with the pastel beauty of rainbow moonstone, pale green Peruvian opal, spring water aquamarine, pink amethyst, or champagne citrine.

“My work starts off as an idea in my head, which can be inspired by a particularly fabulous or intriguing stone that has caught my eye for some reason, be it the color, a shape or unusual patterns. From there, I build on an idea choosing components to suit the design,” says Lindberg.

Harboring a keen tendency to mentally restructure “a piece of jewelry or a piece of clothing,” the designer embarked on a career in jewelry design eventually establishing Camali Design.

As part of her specialty, Lindberg eagerly accepts requests for custom jewelry thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to cultivate one-of-a-kind pieces.

Her clean pendant necklace designs have a rustic flair as she slightly oxidizes the silver which in turn provides a nice antique, lived-in quality, while wire wrapping placed at the top portion of a gemstone adds an earthy, casual vibe.

The soft color of the gemstones combined with the white silver surfaces is cool and ethereal. The silver chains she uses to suspend her pendants are varied: silver snake chains, strand chains, box chains, silver ball chains, and bar chains.

“The silver beads I use are mainly sourced from the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand. I love their organic, handmade look as they work particularly well with my jewelry style.

It is a high quality silver, and purchasing the beads helps to support this particular Hill Tribe family with a means to make a living as well as allow the tradition of silversmithing to be carried on.”

There is an inherent natural beauty to Lindberg’s jewelry; an elegant, quiet beauty. For me, natural beauty is a phenomenal quality as it rests upon the undisturbed flow of things. It just is.

“I tend to prefer asymmetry to symmetry and am happiest with the pieces that turn out looking slightly organic and unorganized. I am drawn to what you would call nature’s imperfections.

Seeing customers walking away with a piece of my work feeling that they have something timeless and special is extremely flattering and makes what I do worthwhile.”
Photo 1 (top right): Hundkex Drop Necklace with Rainbow Moonstone and Cow Parsley Silver Disc
Photo 2 (center): Kyanite Tab Earrings
Photo 3 (bottom left): Sterling Silver and Rhodochrosite Sequin Necklace
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