Friday, September 3, 2010


Discovered a little over 200 years ago, Lord Howe Island sets closely to Sydney, Australia. Its tranquil, picturesque beauty has caused many to consider the crescent-shaped island “earth’s heaven.” Australia is also the present home of featured jewelry designer Lisa Marinucci.

Marinucci’s parents played a sizable role in her ultimate career path. Possessing the corporate acumen of her Italian, business executive father, and standing on the fashion background of her Hungarian mother, the designer would combine her ripe talents by building a jewelry company.

The company would boast styles “from everyday, classic pieces to statement pieces. With each range offering a diverse collection of pieces fit for every occasion.”

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business, Marinucci traveled to Florence, Italy where a visit to a local boutique would further fuel her passion.

“I was drawn to a small jewelry boutique where everything was made on site. I was fascinated by the owner’s principle of quality, style and uniqueness,” she recalls.

“That experience inspired me to create and I went back to Sydney and formally launched my collections in 2003.”

Simply put Marinucci’s aesthetic is stylish, chic, and feminine with a touch of high glam and hard-edge. Her array of gemstone earrings and gemstone necklaces that include all the usual suspects of freshwater pearls, yellow jasper, amethyst, and rose and pineapple quartz, are stunning.

The subtle luster of matte, 24-karat gold plating interconnected with brass tusks, shells, and wooden beads produce her dangerously sexy Tropical Hoop Earrings.

Her stunning bridal and bridesmaids’ jewelry items, featuring an array of pearl bracelets and crystal earrings, are a testament to all that is delicate and ethereal; as are the pastel colors of clustered gemstones, dainty charm bracelets, and teardrop pendant necklaces cascading from long, gold chains.

Each collection is a sweeping composition of natural beauty and subtle symbolism; a wonderful dalliance of form, shape and varied proportions. She also provides jewelry accessories like amethyst colored, calf leather jewelry boxes.

With that said, I was sorry to learn that after seven successful years, which includes an exhibition at Mercedes Australia Fashion Week, and a slew of celebrity clientele like Toni Collette, Marinucci will be closing her online boutique once “all orders have been fulfilled.” So be sure to check out her website if only to view her fabulous collections.

“As much as I love jewelry design, I felt it was time to move on to other interests. I hope we brought inspiration, joy and happiness to our customers.

Our customers inspired us to create and helped us to grow. Thank you for staying alongside us in this journey.”

Photo 1 (top right): Tribal Hoop Earrings with Czech Crystals, Shell, Wooden Beads and Swarovski Pearls
Photo 2 (center): Five Strand Crystal, Pearl, and Rhinestone Bracelet from Bridal Jewelry Collection
Photo 3 (bottom left): Matte Gold Chunky Semi-Precious Stone Necklace
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