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At over four centuries old, Italy's Botanical Gardens of the University of Bologna remains a fantastic location of the country's indigenous plant life that includes aromatic and ornamental plants. Italy is also the home of featured jewelry designer Carlo Palmiero.

Detail orientedness is without a doubt at the core of jewelry design and jewelry making. Studios and workshops are undoubtedly filled with various tools, multiple sketches, and loose gemstones.

The selection of materials to create a piece is done with forethought and the ultimate assembling of materials is done with care and enthusiasm. Anything that requires this kind of patience is truly a labor of love.

Here again, Palmiero's almost mystical zeal for design and jewelry creation has lived within him since his youth. "From the time I was a boy, in my imagination, I transformed the ideas provided by the world around me," he says. "A flower, a stone, a geometric form, the detail of a painting was enough for me to see them in my mind's eye already turned into rings, necklaces, and earrings."

A little over twenty years ago, the young boy with fanciful ideas brought his concepts to fruition by establishing Palmiero Jewellery Design. His exquisite interpretations of forms in nature are fluid, organic, and elegant.

He fashions these avatar-like creations from white and yellow gold, and a myriad of spectacular pavé stones that include white, green, and yellow diamonds and sapphires.

The smooth, curvature of his Swan Ring, for instance, captures the semblance of a neckline, beak, and feathers. The delicate, gemstone encrusted wrapped metal of his Drapes Collection simulates the soft crinkling of fabric. The minute detailing is amazing.

Even with the use of pavé gemstones, Palmiero keeps his pieces relatively understated, particularly his classically styled designs. You notice the glistening gemstones for sure, but you also notice the sinuous forms of the overall piece.

The pavé settings are particularly impressive for not only their visual effect, but also the patience, time, and precision it takes to create a stone setting of this type.

In many of his pieces, Palmiero works with gemstones of various hues creating patterns of shading so that the color intensifies or recedes along the breadth of the item. He also implements pavé sets in arabesque type designs that are equally intricate.

"There is a lot of work that goes into each model," Palmiero says speaking on working with his team of craftsmen. "There are times we are in such harmony that we do not need to tell each other explicitly what we want to arrive at creating," he states.

"We try to get ideas together, perhaps starting from objects, and then arrive at a meeting with each others' tastes. Months can pass throughout this process. We do not create for gain, but for the love of doing it, and because we hold that it is a work of art."

Palmiero's incredible jewelry has a worldwide following including Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.
Photo 1 (top right): 18-Karat Gold, and White Diamond Swan Ring with Orange Stone
Photo 2 (center): Arabesque White Diamond Pendant
Photo 3 (bottom left): 18-Karat White Gold and Diamond Twister Ring
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