Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The architecture of India is some of the most spectacular in the world particularly the Buddhist and Jaina temples.

In many cases, the designs of these temples blend Indian and Greek aesthetics. India is also home to featured jewelry designer Pavan Anand.

"One of the finest art forms is Indian jewelry," says Anand. "A large amount, however, is restricted to women of a higher age bracket. I wanted to create pieces that women of all age groups could wear anywhere from a wedding to a nightclub."

Although there is no doubt in my mind that many women would find Anand's collections breathtaking, I also feel that the intensity of the gemstones' color, the regal detailing and grand arrangement may not be a comfortable fit--figuratively speaking--for some.

This jewelry calls for a woman with a high level of self-awareness and fearlessness; a woman, who understands that her own powerful presence would be enhanced, not overshadowed, by the immense beauty of the jewelry.

A former architect, Anand established his jewelry company, Dagmar Jewellery, in 2004 where he serves as lead designer. The word Dagmar is a fitting one, a German word that means "glorious day."

Anand definitely has a built-in sense for blending materials as well as developing form and texture.  Intricate accents and superlative artisanship is a staple of Indian jewelry, and Anand's design approach builds on the elaborate style of kundan and meenakari jewelry. At the same time, he blends vintage European aesthetics.

"We have a Victorian Collection that is an eclectic mix of Victorian and Art Deco motifs with stones ranging from emerald and rubies to cubic zirconia," he says.

Anand also creates his dazzling pieces with 22-karat gold plating, rhodium, and sterling silver. The pieces are microcosms of India's great legacy of decorative art works.

Another great aspect of Dagmar Jewellery is its affordability. "The pieces we create are hand-crafted with precious metals, and precious and semi-precious gemstones," Anand says. "You can get a great range of pieces at incredible prices with a lifetime warranty."

Anand's beautiful collection of Mughal-inspired cuff bracelets, and chandelier earrings is sold worldwide including Australia, Spain, South America, England, Turkey, Indonesia, and the United States.
Photo 1 (top right): 22-Karat Gold Plated Bridal Bracelet Cuff with Rose Cut White Quartz and Red and Green Onyx Cabochons
Photo 2 (bottom left): Antique Gold with Cubic Zirconia, Cabochons Turquoise and Pearl Victorian Necklace
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