Saturday, December 26, 2009


We move through the Visitors Center of Virginia's Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden towards the grounds' stunning conservatory.

Underneath the structure's spectacular dome is a surplus of flora from around the world. Virginia is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Liz Law.

Jewelry's ability to captivate and evoke palpable emotions from an observer is an intriguing phenomenon. Jewelry can speak to varied sensibilities, moods, and personalities merely through a myriad of colors, forms, and textures.

The visual impact of Law's jewelry is instantaneous. The arrangement of vibrant colored Lucite, Art Nouveau pendants, and lucky charms evoke a modernized 1920s flapper, romance, and bold sophistication.

Law's range of styles vary from simple drop earrings to statement-making, over-sized pendants to dramatic, antique lace necklaces.

Surprisingly, Law did not have an innate sense she would design and create jewelry. "Although I have always loved being artistic and crafty, I never had a sense that I would channel that creativity into jewelry, and making a business out of it," she says.

"I am a self-taught jewelry designer with a degree in European History. To some extent, my affinity for history ties into my affinity for all of the vintage components I love to mix into my jewelry. There is something so powerful about these beautiful little tokens of bygone days."

Law initially began making her impressive collections five years ago after relocating to California. "Unemployed and with very few friends, jewelry design was not only a creative outlet but also a huge source of purpose for me," she recalls. "I started selling my pieces at trunk shows and various events and loved connecting with the people who bought my jewelry."

Law's intuitive gift to reinvent unusual pendants and classic charms renders jewelry items that are fresh, modern, and distinctive. "Inspiration usually comes from the components themselves," says Law. "I have a huge collection of interesting little beads, pendants, and charms. My process a lot of times is to start with the main component and build the piece around its vibe and style."

Empower is Law's most recent collection.  The line reflects the designer's interest in motivating others. "The Empower Collection includes a necklace with a delicate, understated lantern charm, and a unisex bracelet of red, yellow, and black that mimics the Ugandan flag," Law explains.

"I designed the pieces for a non-profit organization called Educate! The organization empowers Ugandan youth to become socially responsible leaders who will drive their society's political, social, and economic development."

Fifty percent of proceeds garnered from the Empower Collection go directly to the Educate! program, and the designer is happy to lend her skills to support this important cause.

"I'm thrilled that my love for jewelry can help students in Uganda receive an education that equips them to create social change and improve their communities."
Photo 1 (top right): Cherry Red Lucite Candy Girl Earrings with Brass Charms and Swarovski Crystals
Photo 2 (bottom left): Desert Lace Necklace with Beige Lace Appliqué and Vintage Pendant
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