Monday, November 2, 2009


18-Karat Gold Atmosphere Ring
with Blue Topaz and Brown Quartz
Positioned in a strategic area, militaristically speaking, the ominous presence of Sarzanella Castle in Liguria, Italy is stunning.

There are many areas within the castle to view the equally spectacular surrounding countryside. Italy is also the home of featured jewelry designer Franco Pianegonda.

Overall, Pianegonda's jewelry is classic, elegant, and uniquely innovative. He inserts atypical details within otherwise smooth outlines.  His rings in particular boast elements of surprise.

One of his rings, from his Atmosphere Collection, features a simple, 18-karat gold band holding a small orbit of eight, sphere-shaped blue topaz surrounding a single sphere of brown quartz.

Other rings highlight unusual architectural or sculptural bands with settings of beautiful, liquid gemstones. The inspiration for his distinctive, bold designs is the women who wear them. "Jewelry is not an accessory. Jewelry is not about value or how much it costs. It is an extension of the woman wearing it."

18-Karat Gold Shadowplay Bracelet
with Round Cut Topaz, Amethyst and Quartz

In 1994, Pianegonda established the company with his namesake with the assistance of his sister, Maria Luisa who offers her marketing expertise. A lover of high fashion, his mission is to blend the creative medium within the glistening forms of sterling silver and yellow gold.

To mirror the emotions of the wearer, Pianegonda implements symbolism in his jewelry such as the Lovesick Heart, an elongated heart shape that represents romantic love and romantic disillusionment; the Cross, a universal symbol of brotherhood, and the Circle, a symbol of permanence. "I transform the most precious of metals into design symbols and expression of emotions," he says.

Among his varied and numerous collections, his jewelry also feature signature, Italian chain links, which are implemented in bracelets, earrings, and Pianegonda's signature item, rings. One of his Plot Rings is an intriguing composite of coiled, twisted Medusa-like links of gold set atop a thick, gold band.

With his company built on the basis of "cooperation between peoples and respect for cultural differences," the Pianegonda brand is sold around the world.
Sterling Silver Lovesick Heart Pendant with Enamel

In 2006, he received the China Award from the Italy-China Foundation for superlative entrepreneurial skills in the Chinese market.

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