Wednesday, November 18, 2009


9-Karat Gold and Chinese Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Denmark's Botanical Garden and Museum is home to not only a diverse array of plant life but also the country's largest collection of botanical literature. Denmark is also the home of featured jewelry designer Lilian Busch.

Ornate jewelry, such as the items of Thailand-based company Lotus Arts de Vivre, is extraordinary in its elaborate, painstaking detailing.

However, the subtle details of seemingly simplistic forms are equally captivating.

At its essence jewelry making is the act of building small details upon the other with the final result being either simplistic or elaborate.

"I like simplicity in design," says Busch whose metalwork training, acquired while attending London's Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design, is highlighted in the elegant lengths of thin spirals of gold or silver, and floral cutouts.

9-Karat Gold Flower Brooch
The source of amazement for me is just how tenuous the metal is and how weightless the pieces seem; a true testament to Busch's deftness in the craft of metalworking and the incredible malleability of metals.

Busch also works with beautiful, Tahitian and Chinese Freshwater Pearls by stringing them together allowing the beautiful green-gold, green-black spheres to radiate their unique splendor.  In other designs, she incorporates the slender, coiling lengths of gold spirals to cradle a single pearl or diamond.
Sterling Silver and 9-Karat Gold Ring with Diamond
Busch's hand fabricated, fluid designs are as powerful as their more elaborate counterparts.

In 2005, Busch's delicate creations won her the Tahitian Pearl Trophy in three categories.

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