Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today we are in São Paulo, Brazil . . . yeah . . . it's all about the beaches, isn't it? Let's not waste another moment because we've got places to see.

First, we will take a drive through the resort town of Maresias to the beach of Toque Toque Pequeno. We can then drive a few more miles to São Sebastiâo to Ilhabela, which has 40 beaches to explore.

Brazil is also the hometown of featured jewelry designer Luciana Cätao.

An advertising graduate, Cätao takes a decidedly different approach to her designs. There is still the distinctive Latin flair characterized bythe love of textures like faux snakeskin, wood, and beads; however Cätao opts for a more understated aesthetic overall.

Cätao began her company six years ago, and her design approach stems from the belief that everything related with fashion and beauty possesses inherent grace. She also believes beauty exists in the minute details of everything that surrounds us, most of which, she feels, we do not initially take notice.

With this approach, Cätao creates quiet, elegant designer jewelry that "comes in small or large details" and engages the observer through the polish of its metals, the shimmering hues of gemstones, the beauty of wood and the whimsy of charm bracelets.

Her elegant gold bracelets, for instance, were designed with kings and queens in mind. The sculptural and geometric details highlight the alloys used, while the clean designs of some of her pendants highlight the beauty of carved, Brazilian gemstones.

Cätao keeps busy in her atelier by adding new items to her collection each week. She also designs hair accessories, belts, handbags, and key chains.
Photo 1 (top right): Gold Finished Drop Earrings with Resin Beads
Photo 2 (bottom left): Seed Cord Bracelet with Crystals
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