Monday, July 6, 2009


For centuries, the magnificent sanguine color of the ruby gemstone has captivated all who see it. Rubies are a red variety of the corundum mineral, and are considered red sapphires as they share the same mineral properties of sapphire except for color.

Rubies are the most valuable, and durable of the precious stones giving them a slight edge over diamonds. They are also rare and are found in Madagascar, Vietnam, Kenya, and Sri Lanka; however, rubies of the highest value are mined in Myanmar due to their uniform red color.

Rubies come in numerous red variations including pink, burgundy, and reddish-brown. Rubies of this nature are heated at high temperatures to enhance the red hues and improve clarity.

In order to charge a price for rubies, jewelers are required to obtain a laboratory report certifying that the stone's red color is natural and transparent. One of the most beautiful types of rubies contain slender, tiny, Rutile needles that create a star-type formation known as asterism. These types of rubies are aptly named Star Rubies.

Owners of this spectacular gemstone are said to be assured of peace, physical and mental protection, and prosperity. One of the world's most famous rubies is The Star of Bharny, which is a Star Ruby. It is 28 carats and was owned by the Indian dynasty, House of Bharny, which set the ruby in an 18-karat gold ring setting, surrounded by diamonds.

One of the world's largest rubies is the 125 West Ruby, a crystal found in Myanmar weighing 8 pounds with a remarkable 18,696 carats.

For more information on Star Rubies, check out Star Ruby: The Eternal Gemstone, a website pertaining to everything Star Ruby.
Photo: The Star of Bharny
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