Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today we are stunned by the historic antiquities and natural scenery of Rome, Italy's Borghese Gallery.

Also known for its lovely gardens, many of the paintings and sculptures of the Borghese Gallery were collected by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, a nephew of Pope John V.

Italy is also the home of featured jewelry designer Carla Riccoboni.

Shape, structure, and form are three words that come to mind when viewing Riccoboni's creations. A trained goldsmith and former graphic designer, Riccoboni's jewelry is akin to miniature works of modern art.

Having worked with clothing, furniture, and ceramics companies her design approach is free in style and undoubtedly one-of-a-kind. Fascinated with the use of gemstones and metals, she once collaborated with German designer Beate Weiss to develop ways of combining precious metal with plastic.

Riccoboni's diverse collections reflect her fearless, innovative spirit.  In 2006 she and Nadir Stringa saved over 2,000 jewelry making molds from the Angelo Tovo Company after it closed down. Riccoboni used the same molds to design the Madreforme Collection that features imprinted metal discs, some alone while others are linked together. There is a wonderful archaic aspect in the embossed detailing.

She flawlessly connects, and intertwines what seems like endless small plates of silver and gold in her Alphabet Collection; an interpretation of the rhythm of writing and emotion contained in written words.

Lastly, there is the Venice Collection wherein Riccoboni brings together ancient history with a modern aesthetic (some of the designs in this collection appear to be graphics and not jewelry).

Since 1981 exhibitions of Riccoboni's contemporary jewelry designs have been held in Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.
Photo 1 (top right): Coral Colored Necklace from the Alphabet CollectionPhoto 2 (bottom left): Gold Disc Necklace from the Venice Collection
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