Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today we'll rent a small, motor boat and slowly coast along the still waters of Yarkon River, which is smack dab in the middle of Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Having the distinction of being Tel Aviv's largest public park, Hayarkon Park possesses plenty of interesting, and fun activities.

We could try our hand at miniature golf at Sportec, or ride the roller coasters at Lunapark. Israel is also the birthplace of jewelry designer David Weitzman.

Clarity of thought, tapping into our inner strength, and acquiring a calm outlook on life are characteristics most everyone wants. Weitzman has learned this firsthand after years of studying "sacred knowledge" found in Kabbalah, Judaism, Egyptian wisdom, and Tibetan Buddhism.

Weitzman wanted to literally channel his extensive knowledge into jewelry designs, "I learned the jewelry techniques from a friend named Yanir Shapira and another extraordinary artist by the name of Michel Ardi."

Inspired by the beauty and intricate detail of nature--the structure of a leaf, tree, or insect--Weitzman developed a deeper understanding for the "sacred geometry" present in all living things.

"I was fascinated by nature and I've noticed the laws and regularities of nature. I read many books about ancient cultures such as ancient Greece and Egypt and the Mayan culture and was amazed at all the structures they built and all their theories repeat the same geometrical shapes and laws."

Weitzman uses sterling silver, 14-karat yellow gold, rubies, moonstones, and lapis among others to create powerful, symbolic images such as the Tree of Life Pendant, the Flower of Life Pendant, and his very first design the Merkaba Pendant.

All of his creations undergo a complex "energizing process" that infuses them with specific, positive, spiritual energy. "The special energizing process is a conscious state, created after a very long process of meditation, where one has the ability to affect reality, not by physical actions, but by thought."

Weitzman says that his clients benefit tremendously from wearing his imbued designs. He gave his Merkaba Pendant to a troubled, drug addicted man he knew. One day after Weitzman gave the man the pendant, the man no longer wanted his drug of choice.

"Until then it was practically impossible to interact with this person and we really thought that he was lost. Within a few months he was completely `clean'." Ultimately, Weitzman's desire is to enhance the lives of others through his compelling jewelry.

I found Weitzman's alternately intricate and simplistic designs aesthetically appealing, and powerfully evocative.

Although he is incredibly purposeful, at the same time he recognizes that not everyone may be`ready' for his `cosmic' approach to jewelry design.

100% of the proceeds for his Mother Earth pendant are donated to several organizations devoted to the Earth's preservation, including Eco Earth and Earth Island. For more on Weitzman, browse his personal blog (a feature of his website).
Photo 1 (top right): 14-Karat Yellow Gold Egyptian Scarab Pendant Necklace
Photo 2 (bottom left): 14-Karat Yellow Gold Mother Earth Pendant Necklace
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